Tips to Make a Time Lapse Video

Tips to Make a Time Lapse Video

In recent years, time-lapse videos have infiltrated nearly every medium of media, including our social media apps, thanks to the invention of the hyper-lapse. These videos can be challenging to create, particularly given the time constraints of capturing and compressing a long event into a few seconds of footage.  They can also … Read more

Core Web Vitals for SEO Beginners

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We all know how much page speed matters when it comes to SEO. We’ve known for years that Google considers page loading speed when rating websites, and we’ve been creating, revising, and redesigning our pages ever since.  Google is introducing Core Web Vitals, a new ranking factor that takes a more granular … Read more

Updated Old Content: Does It Affect SEO At All?

updating old content, refresh old posts, seo content freshness, old content update

Do you want to improve your Google and other search engine rankings? There is a tactic that will help you improve your rankings without putting in a lot of extra effort. Yes, you could continue to write and create more material. However, this is a difficult task that takes a long time … Read more

Cheapest Stock Photography Subscriptions


If you want to improve your branding, make your audiences resonate with your business and sell the right brand image you’ll need high-quality stock photography. Great stock photography not only helps tell a story but also helps set the mood and attract unique buyer personas.  The question is, where can you find … Read more

How to Use Clubhouse for Business


Since its inception in 2020, Clubhouse has quietly but steadily grown in popularity. Some see Clubhouse as a Twitter rival, whereas others see it as a completely different term. Do you want to see if the Clubhouse app will help your company? Interested in learning more about Clubhouse’s marketing strategy? Here’s what … Read more

Stock Images Everyone Should Steer Clear of


Visual material, as you’ve probably learned, increases interaction (read traffic and conversion). Visual content, photographs and videos, caused a 65 percent spike in interaction a month’s time after the launch of Facebook timeline for brands. Keeping all that in view, how certain are you that the imagery on your website will attract … Read more