What alternatives are there to Adobe Photoshop?

Young couple of photographers working with woman's portraits at the working place with two computers in the studio

People may view Adobe Photoshop as the leading image manipulation across the globe. However, as software programming continues to evolve, more advanced manipulation technologies provided by other companies offer relatively cheaper yet powerful and unique features than what Adobe can do. While it is good to recall that Adobe Photoshop offers more … Read more

What alternatives are there to WordPress for your website?

Two professional programmer cooperating and working on web site project in a software developing on desktop computer at company, codes and typing data code, Programming with HTML, PHP and javascript.

When dissatisfaction sets in with your WordPress site, you can always find ways to check some other platforms to offer you the fantastic solution to meet your needs. While others find it hard to leave WordPress website, which covers some 43 percent of all websites using content management system (CMS) technologies, the … Read more