Master Photography While You Travel

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While traveling, besides having the eagerness and anticipation of exploring new places, one of the most important things is having the ability to capture alluring sights and keep them stored as memories to look back at forever. Photographs are the best way to remind yourself and others of all the feelings you … Read more

Tips to Help You Improve Traveling Photography


Have you ever captured photos during travel and edited them only to wish you were able to get another shot? No matter how much your camera costs, travel photos are one of the most challenging to get right. And while it might seem like a good idea to carry lots of equipment, … Read more

What are the Best Free Stock Photo Websites?

A logo of one of the copy-left websites, pixabay

Part of owning a website or blog requires updating content and images regularly. These images do not necessarily have to come from you or your photographic skills. While some websites may charge you for the images, others provide you completely free. Not only these pictures are high-resolution but are free to use … Read more

What Type of License Should Free Stock Photos Have?

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Owning a website requires updating content regularly. Not only does the text needs to be of high-quality but visually attractive as well. Therefore, you will be needing photos that help your website attract traffic. It does require a bit of effort but in the long run, it will pay off. When it … Read more

Do You Hoard Photos on Your Phone? Here’s How to Stop

If you’re someone who meticulously stores only photos they value in tidy folders, we genuinely respect your efforts but can’t relate at all. Let’s be honest though – most of us are guilty of having photos piling up in our phone albums because we’re either unnecessarily attached to them or too lazy … Read more

Can You Use Gratisography Images on Facebook Ads?

Facebook marketing

When it comes to posting ads on Facebook, you would require a lot of images. As you would be updating your content or site regularly, using free stock photos will become a norm. Amongst several top sources, Gratisography is where you can find high-quality images in thousands. However, this does not mean … Read more

Benefits of Using Free Stock Photos

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Stock Photos are using in marketing campaigns, business projects, and even on an individual basis. Those who own a website or blog also make use of free stock photos on almost a daily basis. However, the problem lies in their usage. Since most people think of it as a two-step process i.e. … Read more

Favorite Free Photo Sites for Use on Facebook

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Content that contains photos and images etc. tends to be more visually attractive than without one. This is the reason that you see most websites make use of photos and images to reflect the quality of the content and the website itself overall. Furthermore, some websites also make use of graphs and … Read more

Smartphone Photography Mistakes to Avoid

With easy access to a good camera through your smartphone, it sounds pretty simple to pick photography up as a hobby. However, there are some common mistakes that you should avoid in order to take better photos with your device. Listed below are a few tips on what mistakes to avoid when … Read more