What is MOZ and How Do You Use It for SEO?

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Is there a quick method to rise above the competition? The solution is simple: make sure your content is optimized for search engines and market it properly. But making SEO-friendly content is more challenging than it sounds. To properly plan your content, you will need to research relevant keywords, examine the terms … Read more

What Is Majestic And How Do You Use It For SEO?

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Don’t you find it hard to find a web positioning tool that will best improve the position of your website in search engines? With the right tool, you can achieve significantly more traffic on your web, both organic and paid. If you’re looking for what web positioning tool to use, Majestic is … Read more

What is Ahrefs and How do you use it for SEO?

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If you are trying to market your website and get higher Google rankings, Ahrefs will greatly help you. It is a Search Engine Optimization (SEO) software designed to help your website grow search traffic.  Search Engine Optimization is when you optimize a webpage to improve and expand the quantity and quality of … Read more

How Broken Links Can Damage a Website’s SEO?

How Broken Links Can Damage a Website’s SEO

You’re reading your favorite article or a blog, and you come to a link that the author wants you to click. Now, you’re hoping clicking the link will redirect you to another helpful webpage or website but you ended up on a ‘404 Error’ page. How does it make you feel?  Annoyed, … Read more

Are Sponsored Links Good For SEO Purposes?

Are Sponsored Links Good For SEO Purposes

Most SEO experts know that internal links are great to help with organic rankings and viewability. But optimizing outbound links becomes the least of our worries. However, one of the main KPIs of Google is to determine the authenticity of a website by checking any attributes nofollow, sponsored, or UGC links. A … Read more

What Does It Mean When a Backlink is marked as Sponsored?

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Backlinks are the links from other sites that link to the pages you have on your site, primarily connecting their site to yours. These backlinks from external sites usually contribute to the overall strength, relevance, and diversity of your site’s backlink profile to a greater extent. The overall backlinks can often include … Read more

Tips for Finding Free Fonts

Tips for Finding Free Fonts

There are various options through which you can download the fonts for free if you are having a limited budget for your typography. There are so many places where you can spend hours browsing the shoddy sites and still come out empty-handed. Instead of looking for many options, you can narrow down … Read more

Tips For Picking Fonts For Your Website

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When creating an attractive website, there is a lot to be careful of. Between selecting an amazing color palette and pixel-perfect background images for your website, it is not uncommon for certain elements to go down the drain. There is one thing that you don’t want to overlook is the font of … Read more

Effective SEO Practises to Increase Organic Traffic

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Understanding Search Engine Optimization (SEO) is vital in increasing your brand awareness and traffic significantly. Today, thousands of people are searching for content similar to yours. You can help them locate it by being an SEO expert. Forty percent of website traffic starts with a search query, which is why SEO is … Read more

How to Analyze SEO Links – A Quick Guide

How to Analyze SEO Links – A Quick Guide

If you want to rank on Google and other search engines’ first pages, you’ll need a robust link structure. Good links ensure that your web pages are ranked higher. Google may penalize your website if it contains too many poor connections. As a matter of fact, performing a link analysis is crucial … Read more