Options for Using Stock Video Clips in Marketing Campaigns

A Ukrainian flag waving in air

Marketing campaigns require a wide range of content types to be included to communicate the planned message to the target market. In recent social media marketing literature, it has been shown that video content is receiving significantly more engagement in campaigns.  As such, it is imperative that you include video content in … Read more

What is Green Screening

Green Screening Process

We all know that the fanciful backgrounds don’t seem as impressive as they do on-screen on the set of huge blockbuster movies. In contrast, filmmakers may now create environments that seem to exist in the real world thanks to the green screen and visual effects. Green screening is a method that dates … Read more

Animation Styles that Can Boost Your Business

a 2D animation of a boy and girl

Some videos appeal to some audiences better than others. And with the presence of so many different types of videos, you can stumble into a moment of analysis paralysis, leaving you uncertain of the most effective style to use for your current marketing campaign or business. To fix that, we’re going to … Read more

How to Get Started as a Videographer

video camera, man holding a video camera

There was a moment in history when the only means of working in videography was working with big production corporations with access to all the fancy gear required to make high-quality videos. Fortunately, as technology has developed, videography has grown increasingly accessible. You can now even use your phone to produce professional … Read more

What are Explainer Video Styles?

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An explainer video is a video that illustrates and usually involves a narration or voice-over. By using explainer videos, you can promote a product, a cause, a business, a business plan, and even a political view— the possibilities are endless. Since these types of videos highly engage the audience (in the short … Read more

What Type of Video Content Do People Want to Watch?

What Type of Video Content Do People Want to Watch?

Over the past years, lots and lots of consumers watch video content. As a result, social media platforms that produce video content have become a phenomenon. No one would have guessed just how important video-sharing media are going to be. Particularly in the age of mobile technology, lots of smartphone users discover … Read more

Why You Should Be Using Videos for Education

PC monitor, video, video playlist

It’s undeniable that digital videos have greatly influenced our day-to-day culture. Online video-sharing sites like Youtube, Metacafe, and Vimeo reached millions in monthly audience numbers. With videos becoming more popular, it’s only expected to have spread to the education system. The use of videos in learning and teaching serves to benefit students, … Read more

How to Improve The Quality of Your Live Videos

How to Improve The Quality of Your Live Videos

Live streaming videos are a fantastic way to enhance your internet presence and audience, but the technicalities can be intimidating. During a live video, things can go wrong, including quality issues, latency, equipment malfunction, sound issues, and so on. With this actionable advice, you’ll be able to increase the quality of your … Read more

Creative Video Ideas for Your Business

Creative Video Ideas for Your Business

When it comes to marketing, video content can be a sure shot way to communicate the brand and improve its recognition.  Businesses that use video receive 41% more search traffic than those that don’t, and businesses that use video increase sales 49% faster year over year than those that don’t. Customers want … Read more

Tips to Make a Time Lapse Video

Tips to Make a Time Lapse Video

In recent years, time-lapse videos have infiltrated nearly every medium of media, including our social media apps, thanks to the invention of the hyper-lapse. These videos can be challenging to create, particularly given the time constraints of capturing and compressing a long event into a few seconds of footage.  They can also … Read more