Deciding Whether to Use Photo or Video Content

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Sharing visual content on your blog/site or social media platforms is an excellent way of raising engagement. As opposed to standard text content, videos or images can increase your site’s traffic, views, comments, and likes. A compelling video or a great photo will garner people’s attention. As they’re scrolling through your blog … Read more

Why Images Are Important in Social Media

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Don’t you think it’s fascinating how we end up buying stuff we really don’t need because we have seen an image of it that just looks spot on? Or how are we suddenly feeling better after seeing an inspirational quote and meme? What about that time that we, as humanity, came together … Read more

Can Anyone Start a Free Stock Photo Website?

Stock Photo

Visual content like photos and videos has always been more appealing to the human eye and can attract more attention than written narratives. Marketers have always used photos to attract the attention of their customers, providing them with an eye-catching visual which gives the customer a view of the item which he’s … Read more