The Dos and Don’ts of Using Photos in Website Building

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For your content to stand out online, you need images. Including images enhances the user experience of any piece of material, including blog posts, websites, ebooks, and other digital publications. You must assess if and how you may use the image without breaking copyright; you cannot just download photographs off the internet. Every image … Read more

The Role of Visuals in SEO

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SEO operations are a tough matter today. The days of emphasizing long-text articles with relevant keywords are long gone. A potent technique for making your SEO operations effective is visual content. Your content strategy should include visual material such as infographics, memes, videos, and GIFs since they help readers understand information fast. … Read more

How Can Photography in Digital Marketing Boost Your Business?

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What is digital marketing? Online marketing is referred to as digital marketing. It is distinct from conventional marketing, which makes use of media outlets including print, television, and radio. Importance of Digital Marketing What justifies investing in digital marketing for your company? People are spending more time and money online. The bulk … Read more

What is iStockPhoto?

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iStockPhoto is one of the world’s top sources for ready-to-use photos, video clips, vectors, or illustrations that you need for whatever type of project that requires visual representations. iStock materials come from a vast community of contributors anywhere in the world. iStock belongs to the Getty Images family of companies. The contents … Read more

What is Getty Images

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Think of a photo for your project or presentation, and you have it instantly via Getty Images. That’s how unique and impressive the services offered by Getty Images. As a globally-known online stock photos and editorial images company that caters to various needs of the public, Getty Images has the most exclusive … Read more

Can A Website Have Too Many Photos?

Can A Website Have Too Many Photos

Is there a number for a website having too many photos? We all know a webpage that has no image can be boring, but one with too many photos can risk being slow. A slow website can result in a high bounce rate which can lead to a user abandoning the site. … Read more

Understanding Rights Managed Licensing

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It’s tricky to find the perfect and appropriate images for different e-learning projects. Sometimes when you get lucky with finding the right photo, it’s unclear whether you can legally use it. Images or any type of content a person makes is protected by copyright. In such cases, you can always find refuge … Read more

What is the Creative Commons License?

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Incorporating someone else’s work such as music or graphics in your work may be against copyright law and lead to serious repercussions & damages. As such, it is essential that you familiarize yourself with the copyright law and different public copyright licenses that enable free distribution of otherwise protected work including the … Read more

How Many Photos Is Too Many for My Web Page?

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The importance of having photos on your web page cannot be overemphasized. Much of the social media marketing literature stands as proof that images serve as powerful communication tools, perhaps even better than written communication.  Research shows that the upcoming generation prefers picture-based communication rather text-based communication. In fact, studies show that … Read more

What Are All the Key Items I Need for a Photo Studio?

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Anyone who dreams of being a professional photographer also wants a photo studio of their own. In that studio, they can work to their fullest, fulfilling their ambitions and aspirations in an environment that helps them culminate their skills. This dream can be realized if one works hard enough. If you are … Read more