How Broken Links Can Damage a Website’s SEO?

How Broken Links Can Damage a Website’s SEO

You’re reading your favorite article or a blog, and you come to a link that the author wants you to click. Now, you’re hoping clicking the link will redirect you to another helpful webpage or website but you ended up on a ‘404 Error’ page. How does it make you feel?  Annoyed, … Read more

Can A Website Have Too Many Photos?

Can A Website Have Too Many Photos

Is there a number for a website having too many photos? We all know a webpage that has no image can be boring, but one with too many photos can risk being slow. A slow website can result in a high bounce rate which can lead to a user abandoning the site. … Read more

Are Sponsored Links Good For SEO Purposes?

Are Sponsored Links Good For SEO Purposes

Most SEO experts know that internal links are great to help with organic rankings and viewability. But optimizing outbound links becomes the least of our worries. However, one of the main KPIs of Google is to determine the authenticity of a website by checking any attributes nofollow, sponsored, or UGC links. A … Read more

Understanding Rights Managed Licensing

a woman seeing several images on a laptop screen

It’s tricky to find the perfect and appropriate images for different e-learning projects. Sometimes when you get lucky with finding the right photo, it’s unclear whether you can legally use it. Images or any type of content a person makes is protected by copyright. In such cases, you can always find refuge … Read more

Using Free Licensed Images on Social Media

a person uploading photos on social media

With millions of perfectly made illustrations, images, and stock videos just a click away, we’re living in a modern age of visuals. You can find almost any kind of compelling and unique image or video, to fit nearly any concept or vibe. Every image or video that is created by someone else … Read more

Do You Need to Be a Videographer to Use Videos on a Website?

a woman using laptop and a smart phone

Creating a meaningful and groundbreaking business /personal video takes a lot of talent, time, and resources. Whether you’re directing/producing the video in a closed vicinity or in an outdoor setting, the process can be time-consuming and expensive. However, the problem is that after all the hard work you’ve put in to produce … Read more

How to Make Better Videos for Your Blogs?

Video camera projector film.

With the Google Algorithms and traffic statistics changing and evolving over the past few years, the need for quality content has significantly increased. Anyone can come up with the idea of making a blog but to make it a high-performing authority blog, you need to make better videos for your blogs too. … Read more

What is the Creative Commons License?

‘CC’ printed on a paper

Incorporating someone else’s work such as music or graphics in your work may be against copyright law and lead to serious repercussions & damages. As such, it is essential that you familiarize yourself with the copyright law and different public copyright licenses that enable free distribution of otherwise protected work including the … Read more

What Does It Mean When a Backlink is marked as Sponsored?

An illustration of backlinks

Backlinks are the links from other sites that link to the pages you have on your site, primarily connecting their site to yours. These backlinks from external sites usually contribute to the overall strength, relevance, and diversity of your site’s backlink profile to a greater extent. The overall backlinks can often include … Read more

How Important Is It To Have Images In a Twitter Tweet?

Twitter sign up and login screen

What is Twitter, and how to get started with this platform? These are the commonly asked questions by people around the world. Twitter is an information-sharing application that can also be used for business, but a lot of people have still not understood its usage.  You can post one tweet of not … Read more