The Best Content Writing Tools to Help Improve Your Writing

People today want to read content that is unique tells stories, entertains, provides solutions, and creates experiences. As a result, businesses, marketers, bloggers, and authors are continuously working to provide material that is valuable to readers.

It is important for authors to provide interesting, high-quality material that readers will want to read and share. You may utilize content authoring tools for this. They may make your job easier and assist you in producing well-researched, understandable, grammatically accurate, and engaging material.

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What Are Content Writing Tools?

Software programs called “content writing tools” are used by writers to produce material more quickly, more effectively, and with higher quality. These tools may be equipped with a variety of capabilities that can help you with:

  • grammar and spelling checks
  • Suggesting synonyms or similar phrases
  • Improving readability
  • Conducting detailed keyword research
  • Getting access to content optimization analytics

Applications for producing content can also provide real-time project collaboration with others through shared workspaces. By doing this, it is ensured that everyone on the team is working on the same version of the project.


Grammarly is a writing tool that uses artificial intelligence to check your work for grammatical and spelling problems. Additionally, engagement, clarity, delivery, and English type (US, UK, and AUS) are all examined. The premium version of Grammarly includes more thorough tests for the same metrics and gives you access to a potent plagiarism detector so you can check your writing—or the writing of someone else—for plagiarism. 

Aside from giving you an “overall score” based on all of its data, Grammarly also enables you to arrange your material with HTML tags (H1 and H2) and offers you a “readability score” that illustrates how simple it is to read and understand your content. 

Grammarly is a great tool for producing content since it constantly looks for mistakes you could have overlooked. It is a fantastic tool to use as a content writer to ensure your content is polished before sending it to the editing team, while it is definitely not a replacement for a professional copy editor.


Ahrefs is a series of SEO tools for analyzing backlinks and SEO. Writing SEO-friendly content is more crucial than ever, and utilizing a tool like Ahrefs may assist you as a content writer do efficient keyword research so that you can create material that search engines will discover naturally. 

Although Ahrefs offers a variety of tools, Keyword Explorer is the most helpful for content creation. The search volume and competition of various keywords may be determined with this tool, enabling you to select the most effective ones to target. You may use Site Explorer to run a competition study to see which pages and articles are performing the best across other websites. 

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Google Docs

  Google Docs is a word processor like Microsoft Word. You may compose your material, format it, and collaborate with others. To collaborate and share your writing, you can share documents with the general public or with specific individuals. Google Docs may be used offline as well. 


With the free and open-source WordPress CMS, you can host websites and create content. You may format information to be user-friendly for the web with the WordPress editor. You may add custom HTML to your text on WordPress and format headers according to the necessary guidelines. 

Thousands of plugins exist that enable you to create unique meta titles and meta descriptions to search engine results pages. Examples include The SEO Framework and Yoast. WordPress powers roughly 40% of the web, which is why it is featured on this list even though there are many alternative CMSs that individuals can use to generate and publish content, such as Shopify and Webflow.


Canva is a free program that enables you to make stunning designs for social media and graphics for your content creation. Having aesthetically appealing information may assist to keep readers interested in your writing. You may design stunning visuals for your content with Canva’s assistance. 

Even if you are a content writer and not a designer, Canva can help you generate visuals to improve the quality of your content writing, whether it is a simple red arrow to emphasize something significant on a screenshot or a unique featured picture for your blog post.


Buffer is a software for managing social media that allows you to plan posts for various social media platforms. Additionally, it gathers analytics and engagement data in one location. 

A successful content marketing plan should include sharing material on social media. Buffer lets you save time by keeping everything for many social media platforms and accounts in one location. Buffer is a terrific addition to your toolset if you are in charge of not just creating content but also actively distributing and promoting it.

Hemingway App

It is simple to use, and the Hemingway App is a free content writing tool that assists you in making your writing “bold and clear.” You enter your stuff on the website by going there. It then assigns you a readability rating to indicate how simple it is to understand your material. 

Many recommendations are also made to help you be more clear. It will alert you if you use too much passive voice or complex language. Everything it proposes is done so as to make your material more understandable. Additionally, you may use bullet points, quotations, hyperlinks, and HTML (H1 and H2) headers. It is a fantastic tool to employ either independently or in conjunction with Grammarly.

Google Search Console

You may assess the search traffic and performance indicators for your website using the tools and statistics provided by Google Search Console. For certain pages or your entire website, you may monitor the overall clicks, impressions, average click-through rate (CTR), and average position in Google.

Google Search Console is a valuable tool for SEO content writers since it enables you to track the effectiveness of your work. You may track your development over time and observe which particular keywords are driving impressions and clicks to your page(s).

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Google Analytics

Google Analytics enables you to track the effectiveness of your content and calculate the return on investment (ROI) from different traffic sources. You may measure visitors to your pages, sessions, bounce rates, session lengths, the nation from which they originate, the source of your traffic (social, organic, direct, or referral), and your conversion rates for sign-ups and purchases using Google Analytics. 

You can even track user activity on your posts with Google Analytics to learn more about how people engage with your content. Overall, if content writer is interested in creating performance-driven material, they must have access to this full analytics package.

Writing Studio

A content writing firm called Writing Studio creates content. Given that you do not have to write the material yourself, it is perhaps the greatest content-writing tool available. You probably want to hire a professional to write your content if you are a business owner or director.

The material categories offered by Writing Studio include blog posts, white papers, and press releases. From content conception (if you need assistance with this) through the actual writing, editing, and formatting, the entire process is controlled. When working with Writing Studio, all you have to do is purchase and get your articles. It’s that easy. 

Writing Studio produces content that works by utilizing the most recent content marketing best practices. You can be confident that the material you receive will be factually correct and written with authority for your niche because it was created by professionals in the field.


An AI-powered content writing tool called ProWritingAid can improve your writing. ProWritingAid assists you in identifying and fixing embarrassing grammar and spelling errors, much like other grammar checkers. It helps in enhancing the coherence, force, vocabulary, and style of your writing. You may improve the persuasiveness and interest of your writing by following its advice.

Using ProWritingAid, you can check your content for:

  • Grammar
  • Style
  • Overused words
  • Repeated words and phrases
  • Sentence structure
  • Sentence length
  • Transitions
  • Readability
  • Cliches and redundancies
  • Vague and complex words
  • Consistency of spelling and capitalization

Although the online editor from ProWritingAid is fairly user-friendly, you can also add its Chrome extension. By doing so, you will be able to proofread and revise your writing across all Chrome browser tabs, emails, and documents.

HubSpot’s Blog Ideas Generator – Free Content Ideas Generator

If you struggle to think of new subject ideas, try using HubSpot’s blog ideas generator. You may easily uncover article ideas on any topic with the aid of this application. This free content writing generator can quickly create hundreds of content ideas if you only enter up to 5 nouns associated with your content theme. It is a fantastic method to get your content development process moving.

This tool may also be used to create a blog strategy, schedule your material for the full year, and create headlines for your articles that will entice viewers to read them.


Choosing content topics is one thing, but copying and pasting text from other websites is a sin of content authoring. Plagiarism may land content producers in very hot water both legally and morally. Copyscape and other content-authoring tools can help with this.

Copyscape is a piece of content creation software that looks for information that is identical to or similar to yours on the internet (including in documents, articles, and web pages). This tool may be used to find content that has been copied. You may determine how distinctive your material is in comparison to content on other websites using its content uniqueness score. This tool is essential if you take article authoring seriously. It guarantees the veracity of the material and aids in preserving your credibility.

Because of this, content creators of various skill levels utilize Copyscape to verify that their work is 100 percent original. This suggests that your material is original and unaltered by any outside sources.

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Why Do You Use Content Writing Software Solutions?

The effectiveness, consistency, and caliber of the material you generate may all be improved with content-writing software solutions. They enable you to produce high-quality content rapidly that is optimized for both users and search engines.

The following are some of the main justifications for using content-authoring software tools:

Improve Your Writing Style and Quality

The top content writing tools assist you in improving as a content writer by evaluating your work and making recommendations for improvement. They could offer comments on readability, language construction, topic clarity, and other factors.

Additionally, these tools can assist you in finding and fixing typos, poor wording, and other issues in your writing.

You may check your material for spelling and grammar mistakes in both American English (US English) and British English (GB English) with several content production tools.  By doing this, you may make sure that your work adheres to the necessary linguistic conventions or formatting standards.

Find Trending Topics

These resources might help you locate hot issues that appeal to your intended audience. You may make sure you always have original content ideas that are most likely to connect with and interest your readers by utilizing their content research features. Additionally, you may learn more about the sorts of content and subject matters that are successful in your sector.

Make Your Content Easily Discoverable

You may optimize content using SEO content authoring tools to increase exposure, engagement, and conversions. You may investigate the most effective keywords to utilize and then include them in your content at the proper frequency for optimum impact using content optimization tools.

Speed Up Your Writing Process

You may reduce the amount of time you spend on content development by using content writing tools. You may swiftly investigate content themes using these tools, come up with content ideas and outlines, and optimize your content.

Some content creation systems also include an AI assistant that, given the appropriate guidance, can create material for you in real-time. However, it is certainly your responsibility to make sure that the information is factually accurate, unique, and useful.

Streamline Your Writing Process

By enabling real-time collaboration between several authors and editors, content writing tools may speed up the process of creating content for your website. Team members may work on the same document simultaneously without having to wait for one another to complete it, enabling quicker and more effective cooperation. By offering reusable content templates, these tools may also help you create a content strategy and save time.

Easily Manage and Track Your Content Projects

Additionally, content management software includes capabilities that make it simple to store, arrange, and monitor content initiatives. By keeping track of projects and content deadlines, you can ensure that material is completed on time.

In order to better understand how well your material is performing, they also offer content analytics and content optimization reports.

How to Choose the Best Tools for Content Writing

Given the abundance of tools out there, selecting the finest article-writing software option might be difficult. You must confirm that the tool you choose satisfies all of your needs in order to make the best decision. 

The following are the considerations to make while selecting a content-writing software application for your company:

Useful features

Look for solutions with capabilities that might increase the productivity and efficiency of your content staff. These include content authoring support from AI, content research tools, content optimization, team collaboration, editing tools, analytics and reporting, and reusable content templates.

Easy integration

In order to work efficiently, make sure the tools you select are compatible with your current content management system, content production program, and other tools.

An intuitive user interface (UI)

Look for content authoring tools that have an intuitive user interface. You may do this to quickly and simply produce content without needing to have much technical skills. You may spend more time developing content if you spend less time learning how to use it.


Select content creation solutions that are affordable, match the budget of your company, and provide the capabilities you want.

Customer support

To ensure that you can promptly obtain assistance if you encounter any issues or have any inquiries, look for article writing tools with excellent customer service and tutorials.


Readers are drawn to information that is original and compelling in today’s world, including narrative, entertainment, solutions, and immersive experiences. Businesses, marketers, bloggers, and authors are always looking for valuable and compelling content. One cannot stress the significance of authors producing excellent, engaging material that connects with readers. Such tools help content producers improve their conception writing, and distribution procedures so that they may create material that engages, informs, and resonates with their intended audience. The variety of instruments at their disposal enables authors to meet a variety of demands, enhancing output quality while also increasing productivity and efficiency.