Sports Betting Strategies: Effective Tips for Beginners

A list of low-risk sports betting strategies. The editors have selected effective methods for betting with bookmakers.

Sport has always been a subject of controversy. If you take it seriously, you can make a steady income from betting. Experienced punters know that success depends more on sports betting strategy than on experience in any particular field. In this article, we’ll break down the most effective approaches to betting.

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A set of tools for sports betting

  1. Legitimate bookmakers have betting facilities in all major cities. However, this method of betting is only suitable for amateurs who bet infrequently and before the match. There are some basic conditions for the successful use of a sports betting strategy:
  2. Home base for betting. Every user must have seen traders sitting in front of several monitors at once. In the case of betting, it is enough to have at least a home computer or laptop with internet access. This will make it possible to place bets through the bookmaker’s official website, as well as to study information about the participants in the match and make predictions.
  3. In addition, this approach helps to save time. You no longer have to go to the PSU and stand in line. The time you save is spent on relaxing, finding a new strategy, or doing some more analysis of upcoming events.
    Alternative access. All bookmakers’ offices offer betting through mobile applications. This alternative option will come in handy when your PC is broken or the Internet is lost.
  4. Multiple bookmaker accounts. This is not necessary, but if the initial capital allows you to open accounts at several bookmakers’ offices, the player will get a small advantage.
    The fact is that bookmakers put different odds on the same outcome in sports. If you have an account at several sites, you prefer the one that offers the most favourable odds.

Martingale strategy

This is one of the most popular and common ways to bet. This sports betting strategy has been adopted from gambling. Previously, it was actively used in the roulette game.

The bottom line is quite simple – in the case of a loss increase bets by 2 times, so that if the player wins, he could not only win back the loss, but also to come out in the black.

To use this approach, it is desirable to have a large enough capital. We recommend to bet not more than 1% of the bank, because if a series of losses drags on, and in this case there is a chance to lose the deposit.

If you are ready to accept the minimum risk, we recommend reading the step-by-step instruction:

  • Select an event outcome with odds 2 or higher.
  • Betting 1% of the bank, let us say €5.
  • If the bet is successful, repeat step 1, if not, then the bet increases by 2 times, until we get a pass.

However, many refer this approach to a win-win betting strategy, although this is far from it. The fact is that there have been cases in history when the series of losses dragged on, and the user lost a bet 8 times in a row.

However, it is possible to minimize the risks. To do this, we analyse the upcoming event before placing a bet. As a result, we should select the matches in which we are more confident. In this way, the probability of passing increases considerably and the user is unlikely to encounter a losing streak.

Among the drawbacks, it is also worth noting that the amount we win, even with a big bet, will be comparable to the size of the original bet. As a result, it is sometimes necessary to risk a large sum for a modest winnings. Therefore, not all professional bettors use this betting strategy, preferring other approaches.