What are the Best Free Stock Photo Websites?

Part of owning a website or blog requires updating content and images regularly. These images do not necessarily have to come from you or your photographic skills. While some websites may charge you for the images, others provide you completely free. Not only these pictures are high-resolution but are free to use and download for as many times as you want.

Free stock images are great for bloggers who possess a budget-mindset. Creating a website or owning a blog requires a bit of spending. Since photos are an integral part of the process, getting your hands on several free stock photos can help you interms of budget significantly. The amount you save here could be spent smartly to improve your blog further. However, you need to be careful about the licenses of free stock photos. You need to check whether they are available for commercial use and the limitations that they carry. As long as you mind that, the free stock photo world is wide open for you.

Stock Snap.Io

The first website on the list is StockSnap.Io. It is an amazing site, which contains millions of high-resolution images that are free. If you are particular with your search, you could make use of the handy search feature, which allows you to browse through thousands of images and photos. Furthermore, the site tracks your movie interms of downloads and views so that phototypes of your preference are displayed infront, the next time you visit. The website uploads thousands of photos on a daily basis, with no strings attached.

Burst (by Shopify)

If you are an entrepreneur searching for some good quality free stock photos, then Burst by Shopify is your best bet. You will find photos here that are either Creative Common Licensed or carry Shopify’s own license.

The concept behind Burst was to develop a website that allows entrepreneurs to make better websites, marketing campaigns, and products. Therefore, the target audience was entrepreneurs. You will find photos related to everything, even trending businesses here, from beard oil to sneakers.


Bells Design founder Ryan McGuire is the face behind high-resolution photos that you see on Gratisography. It is a Latin word that means ‘Free’. Every single image you see here is free and is licensed under Creative Commons Zero. Therefore, entrepreneurs, Marketing Managers, individuals, amateurs and professionals, etc. all can benefit from the free photos. However, Ryan only asks visitors or users to fund his coffee fund.

The reason being that he believes that coffee gives him the energy to think and come up with unique and creative photos. If you wish to use images for commercial purposes, they are available here as well. Therefore, be a bit generous and offer Ryan a coffee while downloading high-resolution free stock photos.


GRALLIM was launched to help writers, bloggers, business owners, and influencers with high-quality free stock photos. You can browse through multiple categories such as food, animals, travel, and people, etc. to find the most relevant photo or photos. However, the focus of the website is slightly tilted towards fitness images that showcase fitness equipment and real people going about with workouts.

The website serves its purpose the right way and users have praised the developers/creators of the website for their idea and intentions to help those who are not able to splash money on expensive images.


If you have ever visited Pixabay for free stock photos, it is highly unlikely that you shift towards another website because Pixabay is that good. It’s a pretty decent website and does not comprise on high-quality photos. The photos tend to be visually appealing and well-put. Regardless of the type of photo you require, be assured that Pixabay will most probably have it for you. In total, there are over 1.6 million videos and photos shared by the generous community of photographers and artists at Pixabay.

Scatter Jar

Imagine you owning a food blog or a website and having a source from where you can download hundreds of photos at a time for multiple uses. We are talking about ScatterJar, which is a splendid website based on food and cooking photos and we are not talking about regular photos but really creative and high-resolution ones. Numerous photos of foods and drinks are uploaded each week. You can look for the photos you require and use them for either personal or commercial use, no need to pay even a single cent.


While we have talked about some great websites above that feature photos in millions, what we have here is ‘The Godfather’ of free stock photo websites, Flickr. This website contains photos in ‘billions’. Yes, you heard that right, in ‘billions’. The sheer volume is so overwhelming that you will find it hard to choose between photos. The mammoth libraries just won’t let go of you and you will end up spending comparatively more time. Plus, you would want to download every photo and most probably call it a day after viewing several.

New Old Stock

If you are a fan of Vintage style and photos, then visit New Old Stock. This website features a distinct style with free copyright images for you to choose from. You can use these images for any purpose you want since they could be downloaded multiple times. The website scours old vintage photos and uploads the ones that do not carry restrictions associated with copyrights. Plus, anyone who has a vintage photo can upload the images on the website and fund the coffee fund as well while they are at it.

Rgb stock

Rgbstock consists of more than 100,000 photos that are available for free. The website was founded in 2010 by a group of artists and photographers. Jay Simmons was leading the group and the website who was aware of licensing and clauses. Users upload their photos on the website, which undergoes a quality assurance check. The website provides custom licenses as well, allowing you to use images for commercial uses. Plus, there are certain restrictions offered as well such as prohibiting the use of photos to market products or resale them.

Overall, it is a pretty good website that allows you to download free images and get your hands on a custom license as well.

Final Word

And there you have it. As we mentioned earlier, the Free Stock Photo is your oyster. Free Stock Images undoubtedly create a huge impact on your blogs. It enables your blog to attract a huge amount of traffic but that does not happen overnight. You need to be smart and efficient with your selection. The photos need to be relevant to your content and the blog overall. The last thing remaining is respecting the limitations each photo carries. Keeping in mind that you are not the owner, rather a user will keep you out of trouble.