Lesser-Known Free Stock Photo Websites

We all know how images speak volumes when used in presentations, websites, blogs, and numerous other platforms. However, you cannot just Google photos or images of any sort and use them in your work. Photographs, similar to other types of content, are also the intellectual property of the creators or the photographers. So, if you want to use one of those serene-looking fall photos with colored leaves all over a perfectly carved cobbled stone street, then you have to have their permission. If you cannot get permission, then you will have to think of some other legal ways to ask them before using the photo.

Does this sound like an arduous task that is not worth the small social media post you intend to make, or do all the legal proceedings mean going overboard with the small budget assigned to you? With the surge in how the internet is expanding and developing, there is no shortage of options. There are hundreds of amazing stock photography websites that are completely free! Yes, you read right – high-quality photos all for free.

8 Lesser-known Free Stock Photo Websites

This list is your complete hack to creating one of the best contents of your life as it entails some incredible free stock photo websites. The importance of knowing the lesser-known websites for free images is to avoid any mishap, such as posting the same content. Famous free stock image photos such as Pexels and Pixabay are widely used by several people to create various types of content. If you want your content to be unique and stand out, then read on and make notes.

1. Gratisography

One of the best resources out there for obtaining photos clicked by professionals is Gratisography. Unlike the common picture of a white girl wearing a set of headphones and smiling into the camera popping up whenever you try and search for anything related to sales or marketing, this free resource uses models from diverse cultural backgrounds.

The quality of this website makes it unique as you can have a variety of options to choose from, and you can select the best model and image that aptly represents your client, target audience, or customer. One of the characteristic features of this website is the urban category – entailing lively shots of funky young people. You can check out some examples from this website here.

2. Unsplash

If you are on an outlook for free photographs depicting the mesmerizing beauty of Mother Nature, then Unsplash is a perfect choice. This free stock photos site features scenic nature shots. You can calm yourself down and slip into virtual tranquility by browsing some beautiful photos on this website. If you have a topic or a more outdoorsy audience, then use Unsplash for searching about anything on your mind. It has a wide variety of high-resolution images. Quality is never compromised on this site. You can see some stunning shots of nature on Unsplashhere.

Moreover, the site also has a huge collection of high-quality indoor photos. It has some impressive indoor shots with intelligently matched backgrounds and surroundings. There is only a single aspect that can be counted as a drawback. If you are looking for close-ups of models in the office or any other settings, then this site will most probably disappoint you. Most of the images on this site have partial faces.

3. Stock Snap

If you want to up your game and be more vigilant about creating unique content that nobody else is using, then StockSnap is an excellent option. It has a native search option wherein it allows you to search for trending photos. Therefore, avoiding the trending photos can result in using photos that nobody else is using. As compared to the above two websites listed, this one has more business-focused photos. Here, you can easily find several B2B shots.

StockSnap is also very rich in photos of massive crowds, such as aerial shots of big concerts or performances. This is an ideal free stock image website for B2B, consumer technology, and media sales. The pictures on this website also have models belonging to different races and gender so everyone can easily find and use what suits their needs.

4. Moveast

This website is more of a travelogue of one single person roaming around the Asia Pacific. The pictures on Moveast are perfect to be used if you are selling to clients from the Asia Pacific Region. The pictures in the library of this site have used trendy settings that relate to the present aesthetic sense. The main characteristic of photos you can find on Moveast is that you can never say that the shots or poses are forced. Everything in the photos on this site seems to have a natural but stylish flare.

The photographer who is adventuring through the Asia Pacific Regions has some amazing shots from various hip events, festivals, etc. The site also has an incredible collection of sports pictures, such as images from triathlons and soccer matches.

5. BarnImages

BarnImages is one of the best free stock photo websites that never disappoints you. It is updated continuously and seldom repeats the search results. So, using this site does not render you ending up in a vicious cycle of the same photos over and over again. Also, the photos on this site are mostly exclusive – you cannot find images from Barn Images on other free stock image sites.

This website has a search feature and various categories that help you navigate better. It has a lifestyle section that involves high-quality images featuring the latest of everything, including fashion or shots capturing the daily life.

6. ISO Republic

All the photos on this website have a European feel to them. The weather, lifestyle, and the vintage look are all primary features of photos this site has to offer. The photo library is categorized into various heads that you can also search for, such as people, tech, and urban. The tech-related images are also very unique and trendy. The ISO Republic is a free stock image website that has a lot to offer if you have a young, urban, and trendy target audience. Most of the photos on this site do not have faces in them, so that is a catch if this is what you are looking for.

7. Life of Pix

Standing true to its name, Life of Pix consists of amazing nature and city shots. It showcases life in high-quality pictures, including some stunning city shots like the following. Though this site has an excellent collection of photos, they are all mostly suitable for backgrounds and not for business purposes.

The Takeaway

Whether it is for business purposes or building up your blog, the repetition of images is the loophole that can take your work down the drain. Avoiding what everybody else has already done or worked upon can save you from a lot of trouble. These lesser-known free stock images websites have amazing photos from various categories. The quality of the photos is unmatched, and using these websites will not disappoint you. Therefore, use these free images and make your content shine!