What is Animaker?

“Buckle up, it’s time to get creative with presentations!”

Thus, comes the bold and promising statement of Animaker as it invited users across the globe to try its platform. Animaker aims to shatter the presentation stereotypes, where the customers can go far beyond the ordinary text and colors. It invites people to choose a fresh outlook in making their online presentations. 

Interestingly, Animaker was voted as the Number 4 Best Design Product of the World. It assisted more than 10 million people create amazing videos by themselves! Animaker has already made it to the top as one of the world’s most trusted brands.

Animaker has disrupted how the corporate world teaches, trains, sells, communicates, motivates, and distributes its products and services. Through the do-it-yourself methods made available by Animaker, people can do presentations via live or animation styles in minutes.

Some global brands utilizing Animaker include Johnson & Johnson, Visa, GSK, Dell Tech, and McDonald’s, among others.

Fortune 500 companies, such as Cisco and Google, along with universities, startups, graphic designers, and digital marketers, benefit from using Animaker for their video creation needs.

The company now has users in 220 countries. Even without sufficient technical knowledge and skills, people can create professionally enhanced and quality videos (animated or live) via Animaker.

These videos help users with marketing, onboarding, branding, or simplifying complicated market ideas.

In just a few minutes, the users can adapt to market changes to create a more competitive and creative advantage in whatever industry they belong.

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A brief history of Animaker Inc.

Animaker Inc. was established in 2014. Since its inception, the company has turned itself into the fastest-growing do-it-yourself video creation platform on cloud. 

As expected, the services offered by Animaker Inc. became extremely profitable from day one.

With its vibrant team, Animaker expanded its offices from San Francisco, Chennai, and Bangalore.

“Animaker was born the day we realized that every company needs to use their internal creativity to meet the growing demand of visual marketing,” the company said.

“We were lucky enough to have clients from Fortune 500 companies to small startups. We had highly trained professionals using Adobe tools to get the job done,” it added.

As the video-making competition continues to expand, the Animaker Inc also did not think twice about improving its in-house video-making tools and portfolio.

According to the company, the use of adobe tools and its in-house professionals were both time-consuming and expensive.

“So we tried using online tools. While things looked exciting at first, none of the existing tools really performed up to expectations. Most of them lacked large animation libraries while some were even full of bugs!” the company admitted.

“That is when we realized the exact pain point of every company. Though there is a tremendous source of untapped Creativity and Knowledge inside, when it comes to creating visuals for the outside – there is a huge struggle! Coming from a highly technical background, Raghav, our Founder was determined to find an inbound solution where anyone can create high-quality videos with less effort, time & cost,” the Animaker company added.

As the people behind Animaker pushed its boundaries for promising video outputs for the users to enjoy and utilize, they came up with what they called internal creative tools. This innovation has also become a worldwide movement!

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“To date, they have helped users create millions of animated videos for all types of uses, ranging from simple birthday wishes to advanced corporate explainer videos, but this has only solved a tiny fraction of the problem,” said Animaker CEO RS Raghavan.

“With Animaker 2.0, we have spread our wings to help creators work on both live videos and animated videos. This new tool taps into the larger video-making market by expanding the video assets our users can work with to create engaging and creative live videos,” added Raghavan.

Product features of Animaker

Animaker is shockingly simple, assured Anurag of New Gens Apps. Animaker, as a cloud-based DIY animated video-making tool, is true to its promise of making stunning personal or business video materials. The platform allows the users to save their work on secure cloud servers.

Because it is simple to use, the video-making app does not require any prior technical know-how in video making. 

To use it, simply drag and drop characters and other assets to make animated videos. You can immediately download your video in Full HD or HD and share it on YouTube. The best part is the app also supports all major browsers.

Animaker library also features a vast collection of backgrounds, effects, sound, music, properties, effects, and other video elements to choose from. 

Other features of Animaker are Multimove, 2.5D animation, and In-Built SFX. The users will also be able to upload a pre-recorded voice or record a voice-over.

Animaker app is highly beneficial in creating several types of videos, such as:

  1. Video Resume
  2. Video InfoGraphics
  3. Videos for Social Media 
  4. Videos for e-learning and training
  5. Animated Typography
  6. Explainer videos for Marketing Campaigns
  7. Corporate Videos
  8. Videos for Marketing, Internal Communication, and Training
  9. Product Demo Videos
  10. Explainer Videos

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“Animaker helped us create videos that have greatly improved the education of NICU patients to help provide care for newborn babies in the NICU,” said Leslie Altimier, Director of Clinical Innovation & Research, Philips HealthTech, USA.

Accordingly, Animaker gives a wide range of tools for video-making for Massachusetts-based Philips Healthcare. The videos created from Animaker “help improve patient care through better, more engaging educational content geared to its patients.”

Costs to make an animated video using Animaker

Animaker Inc. is a game-changer in video making industry. Yet, it offers its users the lowest cost premium subscription plan for its DIY video tool at $1 per month, which allows users to make premium animated and live videos.

Animaker is also offering four plans starting with the Personal Plan at $12 a month, billed annually, and also $19/per month/billed monthly.

For its Startup Plan, it costs $19/per month/billed annually, $35/per month/billed monthly. While the Business Plan is $39/per month/billed annually, $59/per month/billed monthly.

Animaker 2.0 also features three exciting smart products, namely, Video Editor, Animation Maker, and Animaker Lite.