What are Explainer Video Styles?

An explainer video is a video that illustrates and usually involves a narration or voice-over. By using explainer videos, you can promote a product, a cause, a business, a business plan, and even a political view— the possibilities are endless. Since these types of videos highly engage the audience (in the short term) with graphics and audio, it’s shown to be very effective in marketing. Watching these videos doesn’t take much time in most situations (around 30 seconds to 3 minutes on average).

Top 10 Explainer Video Styles

There are currently many different styles of explainer videos. They can be live-action, which includes many varying approaches, or animated, which uses a broad range of styles and techniques, or even a combination of both! The options grow as each year passes due to the endless creativity of people working in the video industry. These people always find unique ways of portraying the message and impressing the audience.

Below are ten examples of different explainer video styles.

2D Animation

You can create this 2D animation with the use of digital applications or in the form of a traditional hand-drawn technique.

Animators usually use the traditional hand-drawn style in cartoon series. As a result, the transitions are seamless; however, it’s more time-consuming and labor-intensive. On the other hand, using digital applications has increased in popularity in the past years since it’s easier to produce and more cost-effective. Also, it can be very visually pleasing for the audience, given its endless aesthetic possibilities.

2D with 3D elements

2D animation gets more exciting with the addition of 3D objects and elements. This style generates more depth, giving the audience richer, solid dimensional imagery. 3D elements are used to bring more emphasis to an object and capture the audience’s attention. Although mixing 2D elements with 3D elements believably is pretty challenging, their nature is very different. Nonetheless, the result is worth all the production hassle.

3D Animation

Plausibly the most advanced type of animation, 3D animation offers its audience a 360-degree view of a character, environment, or object, providing a visually augmenting experience. It’s also among the most intricate forms of animation and is reasonably fit for those who want to narrate their stories using a more lifelike virtual world.

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Motion Graphics

Motion graphics are “pieces of digital animation or footage” that produce the illusion of motion. This type of complex animation is constructed at a fast pace to impress the desire for complexity. As a result, the details in motion graphics can be very meticulous.

Motion graphics are usually used for projects associated with the financial, technology, or scientific industry.

Stop Motion

This explainer video style is among the earliest animation techniques. First, immobile objects are moved in small motions, filmed frame by frame. Then, these frames are played in sequence to present movements and bring the stationary object to life on the screen. If you are yet to see one, some childhood favorites like Wallace and Gromit were made with the stop motion technique.

Cel Animation (Hand-Drawn)

Cel animation videos are done with the frame-by-frame method. Unlike the typical 2D digital animations, cel animations are more time-consuming have a much more complex style. However, their fluidity makes them very remarkable to watch. It requires experienced and talented artists to create a proper cel animation; hence the cost can be high.


This type of animation generates the illusion of 3D animation. All the elements are shown in a three-dimensional way that creates a more elevating visual experience. However, the animation is typically done with the use of 2.5D techniques.


Live-action videos are ideal for those wanting to include human elements in their stories. It’s an excellent way to connect with your audience on a more personal level. So, if you need to reach out to your viewers emotionally, your best option is live-action. The result can be compelling if the production is done correctly.

Stock Footage and Overlays

This explainer video style is ideal for those who wish to project a corporate vision but don’t have the funds to hire talents for a live-action shoot and an entire production crew. Additionally, there are lots of available options for premium stock footages sites with endless choices of footage. You can even type in any keyword and discover something related. The videos are edited, and some are added with motion graphics, creating a different feel and look.

Interview Style

This type of video has recently grown popular. There’s no better way to obtain the audience’s trust than with actual testimonies from those who have already tried a product or service. Similar to written testimonies, interview videos show the footage of actual humans telling their experiences. Now, we can see the actual consumers of a service or product and personally hear from them. Sometimes, animations like motion graphics are even added to the video, enhancing the visuals.