What Type of Video Content Do People Want to Watch?

Over the past years, lots and lots of consumers watch video content. As a result, social media platforms that produce video content have become a phenomenon. No one would have guessed just how important video-sharing media are going to be. Particularly in the age of mobile technology, lots of smartphone users discover appealing video content that’s hard to resist.

In this article, we’ll explore the different types of video content that people like to watch.


Vlogs are short for video blogs and are, to some extent, similar to the original blog that works as an Internet-based diary. Thus, vlogs are essentially a video equivalent of your old journal.

Of course, video blogs are more public than a log you hide under the bed, so the content is typically more engaging. Similar to a diary, vlogs use unscripted dialog and usually come across as an actual glimpse into the maker’s mind. In addition, they often center on a particular topic, such as their everyday breakfast and what they accomplished the day before.

Product Reviews

Nowadays, there’s a definite trend for people to resort to the internet when contemplating buying some stuff. This is because they want to know other people’s thoughts on the products that intrigue them. Polls have repeatedly revealed that consumers are more likely to buy a product with positive reviews online.

In addition, people find it easier to connect to a review if they can physically sight the product, whether it’s the latest kitchen gadget being tried, a car being test driven, or makeup being applied.

Shopping Sprees / Hauls

Plenty of women, in particular, like watching people going on a shopping spree for stuff they can only dream of purchasing. You might not be going on a high-end shoe shopping trip yourself and purchase many pairs of branded shoes, but you can enjoy watching someone else do that.

Shopping spree or haul videos focus on people that are out shopping for specific products. The most popular of these videos are usually in the fashion, lifestyle, and beauty channels.

Video Game Walkthroughs

As they are among the most common gamers, young males were some of the first people to embrace video content, so it shouldn’t be a shock that thousands of content are related to video gaming. Minecraft alone is famous enough to have a website dedicated to recording more than 1,000 top Minecraft YouTube channels.

A walkthrough is a common type of gaming video, where someone plays a game and commentates as they progress through it. A reason for Minecraft’s popularity is that it’s easily moddable, and filmmakers utilize this feature in their video content, where they usually play as modded characters. Also, there can be massive engagement between the gamers and their supporters, and they even have live play sessions.

Unboxing Videos

laptop, woman gasping at the screen

Unboxing videos are pretty much a 21st Century thing—a surprisingly high number of people like watching someone else take a new purchase out of a box. In some ways, the penchant for these videos can be associated with children’s love of Christmas morning, with half the fun going into unwrapping the gifts and seeing the inside. It’s undoubtedly alike for unboxing videos, as the viewer is allowed to join in looking forward to seeing the package’s contents for the first time.

As with both reviews and haul videos, these unboxing videos can significantly impact consumer purchasing decisions and can be very profitable for brands.

Educational Videos

Some large channels, such as the National Geographic and the TED ones, belong to big official organizations and share their material. Indeed, lots of other businesses, small and large, post educational videos on their sites.

The second type of educational video channel centers on providing school students and young children with educational videos. They try to deliver thought-provoking and compelling videos for their young target viewers.

How-To Guides and Tutorials

There are three different types of learning styles: by hearing (auditory), by seeing (visual), and by doing (kinesthetic). Everyone learns to apply a combination of the different styles, but most find one method easier than others. Excellent teachers try to employ a blend of all three methods in their classes.

There are a lot of How-To videos on social media that you’re likely to discover something that can help you do virtually anything. The perk of these videos is that they are essentially timeless—the only cause of a video becoming dated is that the activity itself goes out of date or changes.


Pranks are definitely one of the most shared video content across all social media platforms. These videos feature practical gags on family, friends, and the unknowing general public. There are quite plenty of videos where somebody plays pranks on another, only for that person to avenge themselves in the following video. There are even prank videos starring husbands and wives.