Creative Video Ideas for Your Business

When it comes to marketing, video content can be a sure shot way to communicate the brand and improve its recognition. 

Businesses that use video receive 41% more search traffic than those that don’t, and businesses that use video increase sales 49% faster year over year than those that don’t. Customers want to learn about a product or service by viewing a video 72% of the time. This leads to purchases, with 46% of customers claiming that videos prompted them to take action.

All the video maker choices can be daunting if you’re a marketer at a small-to-medium-sized company (SMB) or an entrepreneur new to video. If you’ve been making video content for a while, you may be running out of new marketing video ideas.

We’ve compiled a list of easy, engaging video content ideas to get the creative juices flowing. We hope that you’ll find a few ideas to try out and, as a result, gain more publicity for your business.

Importance of Video Content

When used correctly, video marketing content is one of the most entertaining and easily consumable types of content on the internet, and it can be highly addictive. On YouTube and other Social media video sites, almost everyone has lost track of time. It’s just too easy not to. If you’re a small business marketer, you can believe the video isn’t appropriate. It’s not the case. Any size company in any sector will benefit from video. And the benefits are enormous.

  • People with limited attention spans are drawn to videos (everybody).
  • Videos are a fun and simple way to ingest information.
  • The human face, voice, and eye contact are all wired into our brains.
  • You can be engrossed in a video. Long written works are skimmed, but people’s attention is drawn to what they see on television.
  • Videos have been shown to boost confidence. A brand should seem more genuine and human.
  • The video on your website and blog appears to be professionally produced (or at least it can)

Creative Video Ideas to Level up your Business

1. Thank you video

Thank you video

You may already be thanking your customers via email or social media, but what about video? Interacting with your customers after they’ve made a purchase will help you get more word-of-mouth recommendations and repeat customers. 

It’s simple to insert or connect to your video in your current thank you email once you’ve finished it. Why not create a customized video for a repeat customer who has been loyal to your brand or who makes big transactions regularly? Your VIP customers will think you’ve personally turned up at their door to thank them, and they’ll remember it when it’s time to make their next purchase.

2. Product demonstration video

Product demos are a great place to start if this is your first time using video marketing. If you already have a product demonstration video, consider making one from a different angle. Find out how your clients or other members of your team use your product, then create a product demo video from their point of view.

3. Customer testimonial video

According to a 2015 Nielsen survey, 83% of consumers trust personal recommendations from friends or family when choosing between goods or services. According to the same report, 66 percent of respondents believe online product reviews written by other users. Utilize the social proof by enlisting the help of a happy customer to have a brief testimonial on video. Using a happy customer in your marketing video provides a personal touch that speaks directly to new, prospective customers.

4. Value proposition video

Value proposition video

If your audience isn’t asking you questions often, likely, they don’t understand the meaning or intent of your product. Create a compelling value proposition that emphasizes the advantages and outcomes of using your product. Demonstrate how your solution is superior to the competition. You should produce a video to give potential customers a better picture of what you do and why you do it once you have a strong value proposition.

5. Interview Video with an industry expert

This one will require you to look outside of your squad. Film and interview with an expert or opinion leader in your industry about an issue your product aims to solve or about product advancement in your industry if you can arrange to meet with them. An outside source may also have much more credibility than a company spokesperson.

6. Screencast video

If your company develops software or a mobile app, showing consumers how it’s created is unlikely to be visually appealing (unless you love coding). Instead, explain how to use your product with a screen capture tool, possibly featuring screenshots from earlier beta versions. Screencasting will demonstrate how simple and enjoyable it is to use your product, allowing your customer to try it on before making a buying decision.

7. Product comparison video

Consider making a product comparison video if the product consistently outperforms the competition in product demos. Customers can find it off-putting to see you bashing your rivals on television, so try to avoid being too biased or negative against them. Perhaps better if you can find a real consumer who can try all items and have an impartial review.

8. Unboxing video

Who knew that people would be enthralled by images of other people opening boxes in the twenty-first century? The amount of time people spend watching unboxing videos is equal to more than 20 million viewings of the holiday film “Love Actually” — and that’s only on cell phones! Professional YouTubers can also film a video unboxing your product for you for a fee. 

But why not watch a few, jot down some ideas, and come up with your own? Unboxing channels accounted for two of the top ten most popular YouTube channels in 2018. Unboxing videos are a fantastic way to get a feel for a product and might even persuade you to invest in more visually pleasing packaging.

9. Company announcement video

Don’t just tweet about it if you’re celebrating a landmark, expanding your manufacturing facilities, or launching a new product! Make a fun, short announcement video with your team! It’s a smart way to inform your consumers about a new product or service, and it’s much more engaging than a news release or a social media message. If possible, provide a teaser or demo when announcing a new product launch. Keep the energy upbeat to maintain the excitement.

You can also interview your customers and staff members about their experience of dealing with your company to portray both a semi-biased and external view of your firm. It’s even possible to make a new video addressing the negative aspects of your business vertical and how your company intends to make things better.

10. A Cause You Support

A cause that you support can also serve as the core of your video content. One example of a brand making a video around a cause is Rescue Chocolate. After councilors in Montreal, Canada announced a ban on Pitbull ownership, the company published a video that backs the individuals that are against the passage of this bill. The video got several applauses, likes, and shares from the community, likely because it was based on a cause important to the audience. 

11. Offer video

Offer video

Do you have anything to sell to your clients and prospects? Send them an email or a social media post with a short video attached. Build a video explaining the key points of your deal and telling viewers how they can get it if you’re launching a new eBook, whitepaper, infographic, or other pieces of digital material (for example, a custom call-to-action in your video).

To garner extra attention, you can even infuse a dose of fun in the video. Parodies based on pop culture references are great, but make sure the audience is aware of the slangs and theme you use in the video for the maximum effect. 

Final Thoughts

As this list demonstrates, there are a plethora of YouTube video ideas available to help you get your company noticed. The YouTube universe is your oyster if you have a spark of an idea and either the hands-on skills to do it yourself or the help of imaginative partners to create eye-catching and unforgettable live-action or animated explainer videos.

For innovative companies, video has a lot of potential for interaction, engagement, and sharing. As a result, it’s one of the most effective visual marketing tools available. Take one of the above suggestions and make it a reality. Although it might seem to be uncharted territory, you may be shocked at how much fun and easy these videos are to make, and even more surprised at how your audience reacts.

And if you liked these suggestions and want to read more about how you can use visuals to boost your company’s engagement and revenue.