Visual Content Marketing Ideas and How It Can Improve Your Site Traffic

How effective is your content in driving traffic to your website? If your visual content is not driving much traffic then this article is for you.

Even if your content works well, there is always room for improvement. However, contrary to popular belief, you don’t need a new blog post every day. In fact, with just one blog post, you can dramatically increase your website’s SEO traffic growth.

It might sound too good to be true. That’s why today we share with you the exact steps and secrets we used to increase our website growth. Effective content marketing strategies are innovative, relevant, and attractive to the target market. It should be available to potential customers no matter how or where they buy.

What is Visual Content Marketing?

Visual content marketing is basically utilizing images to deliver valuable and useful information in an engaging visual format. The purpose of visual content marketing is To get people to your site, your offer is your business.

Examples of visual content marketing include images, infographics, and “brand images” that promote written, audio, or video content with educational or inspiring text.

Importance of Visual Content Marketing

Content marketing isn’t about the text. Images are an important part of your marketing campaign. They have the power to attract and retain their audience. They can improve the entire campaign and be successful in the long run. Why do you think so? Why are images important in your blog?

According to a report published by Social Media Examiner, 38% of marketers say blogs are the most important content format for their business. The second is visual content, where 37% of marketers consider it the most important part of their content marketing strategy.

Also, according to the same report, 68% of marketers use blogs for marketing purposes, and 74% use images as a common type of content. In total, content marketing offers six times the conversion rate for other forms of marketing.

Visual Content Marketing ideas to Boost up your Traffic

Use Related Keywords

It is true. Effective use of keywords is key to any high-end website. The same philosophy applies when creating epic content. The most important step is building your content based on keywords relevant to your business.

Epic content not only enhances the company’s reputation as an industry expert but also provides one of the most efficient link building features. This is because content that provides useful, meaningful, and lengthy information on a topic is much more likely to be read and shared.

So, when it comes time to build these links, you need to improve your site and increase relevance to the lucrative keywords you want to rank on your site.

Landing Page Video

We all know that landing page videos are growing in popularity. Landing page videos are the best visual way to communicate your product/service message in a fast and engaging way.

Animated explanatory videos are regularly used on landing pages as a way to inform internet visitors about your product/service in a fun and engaging way. The unpretentious explanatory video in the scrollable viewable portion of the landing page is the perfect catch. On average, visits go from the first 8 seconds to 2 minutes. This is a 1500% increase.

Landing page videos play a big role in increasing your website visit time. To get a landing page video that accurately shows your company to your customers in an engaging and fun way, you can interact with a video animation company that focuses in video production.

Using Infographic

Customers are knowledgeable. Not only do you need updates, but you also need to find evidence to support your content. They need research studies, facts, and figures to determine the value of each interesting topic.

With the help of infographics, you can present all the information you need to your users in a visually appealing way, even if the information is not boring or interesting.

Infographics play a big part in creating data that grabs the attention of your viewers. Display information supported by moving objects and animations to make the information more attractive and encourage customers to view or scan through.


Photos from the Blog

Without a doubt, writing a good blog is a big job. The more information you post on your blog, the more trusted your readers will be. But you can make it more interesting. Blog posts with videos have 3 times more inbound links than blog posts without videos.

You can do the following:

  • Add a graph to your blog to display the results
  • Add a chart to show how important your topic is to people.
  • Add infographics to your blog. It does two things at once. This allows you to provide a lot of information to consumers but provides them in a visual form that does not stimulate them.
  • Add videos to your blog to make it easier for viewers to understand.
  • Includes attractive and unique stock images. If you’re new to the idea of stock visuals, follow our guide, how to find the right stock images.
  • If you want to create an attractive and unique image for your blog. Do a lot of research on the content of your blog
  • Write a detailed blog post
  • Think about your blog concept and combine it into images.
  • Invite the best designers to create your blog image or use a tool like Canva.
  • Make sure your blog image conveys the concept of your blog

Don’t forget screenshots and screencasts

Although we didn’t use any screenshots in this article, you should use them where possible. If you’re talking about web design, you can post screenshots of fonts, WordPress themes, etc. If you’re running a women’s fashion site, you can still post screenshots of product images featuring the latest fashion trends. For those unfamiliar, a screenshot is just an image depicting what’s present on your screen. And there are screen capture apps available for most types of browsers and PCs. Can’t find one? Just Google screen capture tool and you should be able to install one – free of charge.

Screencasts go a step further and record the action happening on your screen. We recommend implementing them into your visual content marketing strategy if you’re covering things like tutorials and explainer guides. Camtasia is one we can vouch for on any given day. Both screenshots and screencasts will help reduce your bounce rate and would also make you a go-to resource for problem solving. You can even record small GIFs, which work well for quick explainers.

Reuse or Repurpose Popular Content

Labeling content on a complex website can be tricky at best. Thinking of new and fresh ideas for constant rewriting can be an insurmountable obstacle. What if you could use existing content without having to think about new content? You can, and this is called repurposing.

Reusing all or part of your existing content in a different format will not only save you time but also increase your reach and make Google happy. Google prioritizes dynamic content, so you need to update your site’s high content as well to stay relevant.

Create a Killer Visual Asset

The Killer visual approach is more than just window decoration. It gives you more options for creating links to your website. Incorporating images improves the accessibility and memory of your content (a great feature in itself), and opens your content to a wider user base, especially when you think 65% of people are learning visually!

Visual images are not the typical images found when searching for Google Images. Instead, it’s a unique chart or infographic created specifically for epic content. This type of chart or infographic explains the theory, conveys a point of view, or presents data interestingly, and then captures attention (and links).

Call to Action

Prompt buttons are very important to guide your internet visitors to the next step they want. Reach leads, leaders, and customers with visually accurate and efficient content delivery!

The prompt button should contain:

Inducing attractive action

Use Red or green colors. According to lots of research. Studies show that red and green should be used primarily for prompt buttons. Red indicates urgency and green indicates well.

Also, the headers used in the call should be attractive enough for visitors to click.

Inducing attractive action


There are many insightful strategies you can use to increase your website traffic. These strategies include a visual display of web content to attract customers to your site and increase your time.

The visual content is very powerful. This means we can keep all of our customers up to date in a fun and entertaining way. This allows you to get your customers’ attention. And increase huge website traffic – did we mention that visual content marketing is the key to getting mentions and generating high-quality backlinks for your site?