7 Best Platforms for Selling Stock Images In 2021

Are you a stock photographer? Do you want to sell your captured images and make money out of them?

You have landed at the right spot!

Selling stock photographs is a challenge for photographers as it is surely an investment of time, passion and most importantly the skills. Photographers of different ability levels are popular for their work, presently like never before. Everybody from huge partnerships, little and small-scale organizations to bloggers, visual fashioners, advertisers and distributors purchase and use photographs consistently on the web.

Why Not Use an Agency?

It’s because they’re likely to charge you a commission on each sale. The fees can be 40-50 percent, which will significantly reduce your profit margins. It’s better to sell through a stock image platform, as they have a set commission for each sale. The best platforms are ones that don’t require you to grant them exclusive rights to selling your work. Put simply, this means you can sell on those platforms as well as other at the same time.

Here are a few platforms where you can sell your stock images

1. Shutterstock

Shutterstock has been a famous webpage for more than fifteen years to purchase stock photographs on the web. They have more than two million pictures, recordings, and music tracks for people to buy eminence free, which additionally implies they have a large number of buying clients.

As a photographer, you can bring in incredible cash with this commercial center over the long haul. As indicated by their site, dealers on Shutterstock have made over five-hundred million dollars all around the world!

Shutterstock permits you to keep your copyrights ensured, so it’s dependent upon you to set the rights on your photographs. Shutterstock additionally offers credit to the picture’s proprietors, which is significant in addition to that, it ensures your possession and markets your image.

When you become a webpage donor, you start bringing in cash each time somebody buys and downloads your work/photograph.

2. Crestock

Crestock can be a more inactive approach to bring in cash for your photography. Just set up a free record on Crestock and transfer your photographs. When the Crestock group assesses your pictures, they’ll add them to your Crestock portfolio so clients can buy them.

You can add depictions for each picture, which builds your chances for endorsement by Crestock editors. What’s more, those exact same watchwords and portrayals will make your photographs simpler to discover among an ocean of stock pictures on this site and others.

3. Alamy

Another platform to sell stock photographs is Alamy. It is an extraordinary one since it doesn’t have any rigid guidelines.

The site might not have the same number of purchasers as Shutterstock and Adobe Stock, however, it’s as yet an incredible competitor and another extraordinary alternative for income. Photographers can transfer their photographs to Alamy without authorizing or facing some other copyright issues. Until this point in time, Alamy has made one hundred and eighty million dollars in payouts to photographers.


4. Adobe Stock

Adobe Stock is a stock photograph commercial center by the creator of the most famous photograph altering programming arrangements, including Photoshop and Lightroom. This platform has been around for more than ten years and is known to be the absolute first online commercial center to sell photographs.

The thing you’ll like most about Adobe Stock is its sovereignty share, which is higher than other online shops.

Photographs transferred at Fotolia (previously), become a piece of the Adobe Stock library, which implies they are likewise accessible in other Adobe applications and in this way arrive at a large number of Adobe clients and possible purchasers.

Photographers make somewhere in the range of 20% – 60% with Adobe Stock. Furthermore, in contrast to some different commercial centers, Adobe Stock doesn’t constrain you to give them elite offering rights to your pictures. Along these lines, you can sell on Adobe Stock and different platforms simultaneously.

5. Etsy

Etsy is also a platform to purchase and sell stock images, so you may not consider elsewhere when searching for spots to sell stock photographs. Nonetheless, Etsy holds more than thirty million clients and a few distinct approaches to sell your photographs through their platform.

The incredible thing about Etsy is that they have a bigger crowd than most stock photograph destinations and a segment that is developed to buy your pictures. Obviously, you can sell computerized pictures on Etsy, yet you can likewise sell prints. In this way, in case you’re hoping to grow your photography business much more, Etsy is an incredible alternative!

Simply recollect when selling prints, you’ll need to factor in the expense of printing and transportation.

Etsy additionally permits you to value your own photographs, and the site gives you full command over how you show your photographs to purchasers. In the event that you need full command over your photograph selling however don’t have any desire to make your own site without any preparation, Etsy may be an extraordinary fit for you.

6. Fotomoto

Fotomoto is definitely not an online commercial platform, yet rather a gadget that coordinates with your site to help you sell photographs on the web. After you add it to your site, Fotomoto deals with all the photograph selling measures for you. It’s a lesser-known stock photo site with heaps of potential, so you should be able to generate an income selling images here.

Like Etsy, Fotomoto permits you to offer computerized photographs, photograph prints and even materials to your site guests. Also, Fotomoto handles the bundling of your material photographs so you don’t need to. It doesn’t get a lot simpler on the off chance that you intend to sell actual photograph prints or materials!

What’s truly incredible about Fotomoto is that the gadget itself is adaptable. You can change the gadget’s settings to show your own marking data, including your logo! That way, clients come to become familiar with your image and partner it with your pictures.

Regardless of whether you’re a specialist at photography, a proficient photographic artist or even a visual originator, Fotomoto has some incredible highlights that will work consistently with your current WordPress site.

7. 500px

500px is an online platform that encourages you to make an arrangement of your pictures and bring in cash. It is perhaps the best spot to sell photographs on the web.

The site likewise gives an insight and following administrations so you can perceive how your pictures passage contrasted with those by your competitors. Ever thought about what number of snaps your pictures get? Shouldn’t something be said about how you rank in contrast with your friends? 500px can help you discover answers to your questions.

Beginning on 500px is really straightforward. Just set up a free record and add your pictures. At that point, sit back and watch what you turn up! Also, look out for challenges to assist you with procuring and gain extra exposure.

Stock photographs are purchased by different kinds of individuals from all around the world. For example, kids use them for their projects, organizations use them for business purposes, other photographers use them to gain some idea regarding how to capture images by purchasing an image and learning certain techniques from it, etc.

Note that stock photography — particularly when you’re simply entering the field — can be a pound. Costs are low, and you need a ton of substance to acquire good returns. Plus, you can maximize profits by bundling images together in a collection (based on a particular theme) and selling that through the platforms above.


In any case, similarly as with any field, in the event that you keep on delivering reliable yield, the chances are unquestionably there. Furthermore, by and large, you can undoubtedly re-reason content you’ve just shot — from your live previews to the everyday life photographs of your work, your loved ones or possibly anyone else.


Diving into the best platform to make use of stock photographs effectively could be a challenge. Use your challenges smartly to penetrate your spot into the market. Remember, stock photography isn’t an easy skill to be acquired by many. Capture your best shot to sell it at the best price to the correct audience.

Stock photography and videography is a long way from a static field — indeed, it’s become drastically in the course of the most recent decade and will keep on developing greatly into the 2020s. So make sure to take advantage of the rising demand by turning your passion into money.