Types of Social media videos that gets people to respond

Social media is taking the world by storm. Influencers have been hot topics and have become the inspiration of many. In fact, their job description has become the aspiration of many. These influencers are all over social media platforms: Facebook, Instagram, Tiktok, and YouTube.

Of the four social media platforms mentioned, YouTube and Tiktok usually bear much more gravity in creating influencers, or what is commonly known as vloggers. Both Youtube and Tiktok allow these influences to generate a lot of following. Now the question is, how do they get so much user engagement? 

To best understand how they do what they do, unraveling their video contents would do the trick.

What makes people react?

What makes people respond is not always the video itself. Instead, they watch and react to these videos because of the person or people in the video.

The influencer

The reputation of the influencer attracts viewers. Unfortunately, there have been many so-called influencers who have lost their title due to bad reputation. There are a lot of reasons why this happens. For example, they may have offended a certain race, their viewers may have felt their lack of support for a certain cause, or some other reasons. Thus, an influencer needs to keep themselves and their videos in check before releasing them and become socially aware.

User engagement is essential for influencers as their earnings depend on these statistics. So, deciding what video content to post is important. They have to post video content that should make people respond or keep them engaged.

Which videos make people respond?

A YouTube subscribe button

If you want to influence people, you have to make them respond. In social media platforms, these responses could mean a comment, a reaction, or a share. Of course, that’s what you want them to do. So, what videos will make them respond?

1. Live Videos

The audience is in a frenzy when their favorite vlogger is on a live feed. They want to get involved in every way they can. These live videos make the influencer appear to become more transparent about their brand. But, more importantly, these influencers can have live interactions with their audience.

Imagine being on stage with your favorite band. That’s what live videos feel like for the audience. Having good quality live videos also helps user engagement.

2. Tutorials

If you are an excellent tinker and are interested in being an influencer by sharing your skills, then tutorial-type video content is the kind of content for you. Many have watched and searched for how-to-do videos. Audiences consume this kind of video content to help them in their current or future scenarios or look for creative ideas.

Your audience may even comment on their own experience when following the instruction.

Hand typing on a laptop

3. Giveaways

Like in every business, you need to invest. Plus, everyone likes free stuff, even if they don’t even use it themselves. Contests and giveaways are proven video content to increase user engagement. You can separately make a video for the instructions of the giveaway and the announcement of the winners. Then, place them strategically in your main video. This approach will help you get the views.

4. Product Reviews

You may make a deal with product distributors in exchange for video content about their product. Also, if you want your reviews to be genuine and unbiased, buy the products yourself. Again, you can’t go anywhere in the influencer world without investing.

Product reviews get a good number of viewers since people are now skeptical about products. So, they want to hear others’ opinions before they try products and services themselves.

5. Q & A

A person is inherently curious. Informative and intriguing Q and A’s are ways to drive up the number of views. Invite people of different professions and interview them. Involve your audience by letting them send the interview questions. You can also do this on a live video with you answering the questions. The viewers will love that.

6. Emotional Video

No, there is no need for crying. You just need to tell a story that involves a powerful emotion. May it be hope, anger, or love. People are more likely to resonate their feelings with your video. This will then encourage them to share the video attached with their own stories as well.

7. Educational Videos

The world is changing, and that includes education. Using videos for educational reasons is a great way to show your expertise. Oftentimes, people share videos that they find helpful. Teaching the audience about something will pull them back to you when they need clarification or information.

Don’t forget that the audience watches not only for the videos but also for you. When you produce your videos, make sure that you either:

  • Entertain
  • Inspire
  • Grab their attention
  • Get creative

Social media is a platform that anybody can use. It is useful and dangerous at the same time. Be responsible for what you share online. Try your best to share love and learning.