What is iStockPhoto?

iStockPhoto is one of the world’s top sources for ready-to-use photos, video clips, vectors, or illustrations that you need for whatever type of project that requires visual representations.

iStock materials come from a vast community of contributors anywhere in the world. iStock belongs to the Getty Images family of companies.

The contents on its website are properly and professionally vetted so that the clients will only have the best or the highest standards of the materials they are looking for.

This crowd-sourced stock business is founded in 2000. Since then, it has become a platform for many artists, enthusiasts, and contributors. The industry created by iStock also allows the content providers to have their materials under license and earn from them.

Presently, iStock is considered a key leader in promoting the best stock content around the globe. It has become a haven for creative thinkers and business people. Knowing that images and videos are powerful tools to move people, create an impression, and deliver a message, iStock significantly impacts content creators and customers.

The company remains proud of its bold, unique, sharp, and top-notch stock images that can be easily accessed and purchased online. iStock so vast that its communities include French, Hebrew, Indonesian, Thai, Turkish, Vietnamese, Chinese, Norwegian, Polish, Portuguese, Czech, Japanese, Korean, Spanish, Swedish, Danish, German, Greek, English, Romanian, Slovenian, and Italian, among others. They are also available in the said countries.

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A brief history of iStock 

iStock, which is part of Getty Images, has grown in leaps and bounds from its six-person start-up company.

Canadian entrepreneur Bruce Livingstone, 52, founded iStockphoto, as a project giving stock photos for free over the internet. However, big monthly bandwidth expenses pushed him to use a credit/payment system for the business in 2002.

Since its inception, iStock has become a trusted source of stock materials by the public. Due to its immense popularity, this Calgary-based company has dominated the stock media industry and finally holds a reputation of being a global player in its type of business.

iStock has over hundreds of employees and more than 160,000 contributors across the globe.

“Artists are at the heart of everything we do and the reason why iStock by Getty Images has continued to be an important destination for stock content,” the company said.

“By providing a platform for our artists to distribute some of the best stock content in the world, iStock has given them the opportunity to transform their lives by making a living through their art,” iStock added, as it continues to invite more contributors to be part of its platform.

How iStock works?

iStock, as a global provider of ready-to-use photos and videos, illustrations, vectors, is easy to use.

You visit its website and download a file on iStock that you want or like.

When you download, you purchase a license that allows you to utilize the file on your websites, presentations, blogs, advertising, podcasts, video productions, and more. 

iStock’s files are all royalty-free, which means people can use the materials in as many presentations or projects as they want for as long as they wish, covering the terms of the license.  However, you can also buy extended licenses and use the contents in even more ways you like.

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What are the collections and cost of iStock photos?

The files on iStock falls are also available through the two collections. 

First, the Essentials collection provides the public with the content they need. On the other hand, the Signature collection gives millions of premium handpicked stock files. These files are only available by getting them from iStock. All content can be bought using a subscription or with credits.  

According to the company, the credit cost to download a file with its standard license depends on the file type and collection it belongs to:

  1. Essentials photo, vector or illustration – 1 credit 
  2. Signature photo, vector or illustration – 3 credits
  3. Essentials video clip – 6 credits 
  4. Signature video clip – 18 credits

“The more credits you buy, the less they cost,” the company added.

What do you mean by iStock subscriptions and Standard licenses?

iStock subscriptions gives opportunity to users to use the continent in lowest prices. Every plan that the client wants to decide comes with unique content from various file types or collections that suit to the needs of the users.

When it comes to Standard licenses, this simply means that every material or file downloaded on iStock goes with a standard license that allows the public to use the content in a wide variety of projects.

Since the materials are licensed in a royalty-free format, the user only pays for the initial download of a photo or video clips or file. They do not need to pay the owner or the contributor of the images or video clips a royalty every time they use the material.

Interestingly, the rights to use files downloaded during the subscription period also have no expiration date. 

“Files licensed with credits can also be used in as many projects you like for as long as you want,” the company said.

iStock assured its clients that every file or materials goes with a Legal Guarantee that protects the users for up to $10,000.

Users can also ask for a refund for a subscription within 14 days from their initial purchase, as long as they have not downloaded over five files and have not used any downloaded material, the company said.

Those who request a subscription refund can send a request in writing using the company’s contact us email form.

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What is Editorial use only photos?

The Editorial photos in iStock do not have models or property releases. This means the file cannot be utilized for promotional, advertorial, endorsements, and commercial purposes.

These files often cover sports, news, and entertainment images that show real-world people, events, things, and places. The materials can be intended for the general interest of events and things.

Interesting facts about iStock photos

  1. iStock has superb video clips, illustrations, and images.
  2. iStock is beneficial for people who can pay for the photos.
  3. iStock has a huge variety of images with them.
  4. iStock dashboard is well organized and visually impressive.
  5. iStock search filter always gives good search results. It is accurate. Users can also refine their options in searching the video clips or photos.