Building High-Quality Backlinks for a New Website

When it comes to ranking your website and attracting relevant organic traffic, backlinks play a crucial role. In the world of SEO, Backlinks are considered to be one of the most important factors in terms of page rankings. A website is highly dependent on the number of backlinks from domains that are authoritative, which increases the value of your website in the eyes of Google. Therefore, with time you will be topping the SERPS. However, today building backlinks are associated with link spamming. It does not have to be that way each time. There are several smart ways to create them without spamming other websites. Let us discuss this.

Observe and Replicate Competitors’ best backlinks

Search Engine Optimization (SEO) is the same as playing poker with your competitors, while Google is the dealer. It will decide who wins the game and gets to take home the most of it. However, the thing is that everyone has to smart with their cards on the table. To begin with, you can easily replicate the best backlinks of your competitors.

Replicating the backlinks of your competitor is one of the smartest ways to initiate building high-quality links. Choose your top competitors and websites, preferably in the top 5 by using the main keywords. If you observe that the sites are ranking above you, it means that they have backlinks of higher-quality and a better link profile. Once you have finalized the competitors, it is time to get the list of backlinks and analyze them.

Analyze Competitor Mentions

While you are analyzing the competitors’ backlinks, you must spy on their mentions as well. Observe when and where is their brand name mentioned on the internet. This will give you an insight into how your competitor is building high-quality backlinks. For instance, if a client of the competitor happens to ask a question and you answer it first, chances are that the customer will develop a strong relationship with you and if he/she owns a website, then it is highly likely that your website gets endorsed as well, hence earning a high-quality backlink.

Building Backlinks using infographics

It has been a while since infographics have become quite popular. It is amongst the smartest ways to create high-quality backlinks. The surge in the demand for infographics has seen a rising trend since 2009. Popular and famous publications such as The Verge, Huffington Post, and others have been discussing infographics regularly and readers love them. The thing with infographics is that, not only could they be used for building backlinks but generating and attracting organic website traffic as well. You could hire a professional to create infographics for you. Once you have created your infographics, you could publish it and ask for feedback. If people happen to like it, they will share it and link it as well.

Guest Blogging

One might underestimate the power of guest blogging but it is an old-school technique that even professionals use today to attract the audience and build high-quality backlinks as well. It works by interacting with the audiences that are already established, related to your niche. This is one of the best ways to get yourself heard on the internet. However, the thing is that if you are opting for guest blogging, the stuff needs to be high-quality. At least as good as the quality posted on your website. It can work wonders for you if you were to take it seriously.

Outreach and Promote

Even if you have created great content, it will not get you anywhere unless you outreach and promote it. If people are not aware of where the content exists, how are you supposed to create high-quality backlinks? Therefore, promote your content on social media platforms as much as you can. Find out what mediums your competitors use and how do they promote their content. The more bloggers you talk to, the higher are the chances of your content getting shared. Meanwhile, you will also be developing good relations with well-known bloggers from your related niche and field.

The broken-link building method

Some website owners love using the broken-link building method. According to them, it works perfectly to create high-quality backlinks. With this technique, you will need to contact a webmaster who will report broken links on his/her website. Meanwhile, you will recommend your website as well. Since you will be doing a favor to the webmaster by reporting broken links, chances are that you will end up creating high-quality backlinks.

Create Visually Driven Content

When it comes to creating content, don’t just rely on high-quality text, instead focus on creating visually driven content as well. Infact, it is well-known that visually attractive content is bound to attract more traffic. Therefore, you could use charts, graphs, and other stuff that you think could attract traffic. Creating stunning informative graphics will land comparatively more traffic.

Comment on relevant blog posts

Creating high-quality backlinks requires building strong relationships. This could be done by commenting on content published on sites. However, that does not mean that you forcefully begin commenting on every other piece of content out there. Instead, make sure that you comment keeping in mind the primary purpose, which is building a mutual relationship with the author.

Get Yourself Interviewed

You might find this surprising but getting interviewed is a smart way of getting yourself and your website noticed. Online interviews are hot nowadays and one of the best ways to popularize your content and website. Once, you become popular in your niche and are known, you will get several interview invitations. However, you should not be waiting for that. Utilize the time available, instead of wasting it. Search for websites that run online interviews, pitch yourself to them, and tell them why would they want to interview you? Or tell them that you would like to participate and the amount of knowledge you could share.


Yet another surprising technique. Amongst the smartest ways of creating high-quality backlinks, one is to donate to non-profit organizations. It is a simple and straightforward process. All you need to do is, find a niche that deals in the same niche as yours and accepts donations. Once you have done that, you can simply link back to the sites that have donated. Submit the amount you wish to donate and write the URL of your website. You will need to put in some effort to find such websites.

Final Word

If you are just getting started, the above-mentioned tips and tricks will be time-consuming. You cannot expect things to happen overnight, therefore, patience is key. However, if you were to utilize and implement such smart techniques, it will be well worth it in the long-run. Remember, to only build high-quality backlinks. Never go for those that might land you in trouble later on.