Favorite Free Photo Sites for Use on Facebook

Content that contains photos and images etc. tends to be more visually attractive than without one. This is the reason that you see most websites make use of photos and images to reflect the quality of the content and the website itself overall. Furthermore, some websites also make use of graphs and pie charts to make things more attractive. Today, Facebook has become an integral part of marketing and advertisement.

People who own blogs or websites share their content on Facebook as well so that traffic could be generated. Therefore, the more visually attractive the blog is, the more traffic it will attract. Since you are going to use photos in almost every post, you must be aware of the sites that offer it for free. Let’s discuss this.

Google Images (With a License Search)

Most often if we need a photo or an image, we tend to find it on Google as it will have more than anything you could possibly want. While many Google images are free to use, some are protected through Copyright. What this means is that you cannot and should not be using such photos. Simply click the ‘Usage Rights’ tab and select ‘Labeled for reuse’. Google will show you the images that are not protected by license.


Another great website for free photos is Gratisography especially if you wish to use the photos on Facebook. Gratisography contains thousands of free high-resolution photos that you can choose from. Furthermore, you could also use these photos for your personal website, including the content. As a result, the images will be featured in Facebook Ads and your Facebook posts as well. Plus, you do not need to worry about copyright violations. The founder and owner of the website Ryan McGuire makes sure that the website uploads hundreds of pictures everyday related to different subjects.


Although Unsplash maybe third on the list but it is a favorite of many blog owners out there. The website consists of stunning, high-quality images that are totally free. Without any type of copyright limitations existing, the images could be used for whatever purpose. Furthermore, you could use these photos for Facebook Ads as well. It is amongst the best of the best out there when it comes to free photos.

New Old Stock

New Old Stock photo website provides free vintage photos upload by the public without any copyright restrictions. Therefore, if you are someone who loves vintage touch, you are going to love this site. If your blog or site is related to past events in history or something like that, you could definitely find something here. In addition to that, you are going to find images here that are in white and black. While these images are great for blog posts remember they might not be noticed by Facebook users in their newsfeed.

Pic Jumbo

Picjumbo is another great website if you are in search of free photos for marketing purposes. The images here not only stunning but feature splendid quality as well. If you find that Picjumbo is your go-to website, you can subscribe to their premium membership and have access to unlimited downloads along with brand new and premium-only images. Otherwise, there are tons of gorgeous photos here that could be used any time without a membership.

Life of Pix

Life of Pix is a photo website that provides high-resolution free photos without any strings attached. By strings, we mean copyright restrictions. The reason being that the website consists of a community of photographers who snap photos and upload them for the public to use. Therefore, they can access and use them without any hassle. Multiple photos are uploaded on the website on a daily basis. If you were to check even today, you will find something new uploaded a while ago. 

Free Images

Free Images is a website where you could find thousands of free photos for Facebook. The website contains more than 389, 317 photos to browse through. Both illustrations and photographs could be found here. If you find what you are looking for and happen to like the website, you can have their premium membership, which will give you access to 2.4 million premium photos.

Freerange Stock

Freerange Stock is a website that is based on generating advertising revenue through photos provided by the photographic community. What this means is that the photographers get paid every single time someone clicks an ad featuring their submissions. Once you signup, the website will give you access to free stock photos that are both meant for commercial and non-commercial use. 

Free Photos Bank

Name any category and you will possibly find free stock photos. FreePhotos Bank is a website that features several categories with free stock photos related to technology, computers, recreational activities, and architecture. However, some of the images you find here will not be of the same quality as you would find on Unsplash. You will need to do some digging to end up with what you exactly want.

Creative Commons

Although Creative Commons is not as streamlined as other free photo websites, it is basically a search engine that allows you to search for free photos across independent organizations such as Google images and Flickr. The search engine is quick and efficient in locating what you are in search for. The biggest advantage of using it is that you do not have to visit each website independently to search for images.

Focus Fitness

With so many competitors already in the game, it is hard to advertise and pull off a unique marketing campaign for fitness and health associated blog. However, you do not need to worry about the free photos in that respect because Focus Fitness is a website where you can find almost everything related to health and fitness. You will find images related to weight loss, health, foods, and fitness. Since new photos are added every week, you can visit the website and browse through categories.

Final Word

Now that you are aware of the sites, the only thing you need to do is use the photos creatively and smartly. You should always select photos that are associated and relevant to your blog or content. Visit the sites mentioned above and browse through the galleries. You are surely going to find something that will give a boost to your blog or site.