How to Choose Images That Appeal to Your Audience

The old cliche saying “a picture says more than a thousand words” may not be further from the truth as the right image in addition to your content serves as your brand’s visual asset. Visual content can have a significant effect on your site’s audience engagement. The audience is more likely to read content if it’s paired with visuals.

However, many still don’t know how to choose images that will effectively appeal to their target audience. So here are the best tips for picking the right photos for your content.

Ensure that the Image Matches the Content

According to research, the brain processes images 60,000 times much faster than text. As a result, the combination of images and text is 60 times more effective in delivering a message than just by text alone.

One essential rule of thumb regarding the usage of images is that it has to match your content. It’s unlikely for you to capture the attention of your target audience otherwise, and they will most likely ditch your page. So you must ensure that you’re choosing the right image for your text.

Consider the Concept

There is a timeless appeal and popularity to creative conceptual photos. A well-rendered conceptual still-life photograph can bring a visual punch and work for many messages. Brands that desire a clean, contemporary take usually lean toward using graphics for their content marketing. Still, conceptual photography is a great visual tool that can help secure your target audience.

The Bigger, the Better

The larger the image, the more significant impact it will have on your audience. Don’t forget to consider the technical aspects. Pick a big, high-quality picture. It won’t do your content well to be spoiled by a blurry image.

Choose a compelling image that will drive your audience to remain on your page. Also, you must pick one that can hook the visitors and make them want more.

In addition, remember to study the colors in your image and modify your design accordingly. The concept is to build unity and prevent a mottled color collection.

Don’t Stick to Stock Images

You can quickly get your hands on photos from stock image agencies like Shuttershock or Getty Images, but your visual content will probably be less than appealing. You’ll more likely end up with static pictures that do little to nothing in catching your audience’s interest and make them want to see more.

You will essentially induce credibility by utilizing your own images. These images are personal and unique, and you can pick the ideal imagery for your text. In addition, using your own photos will provide your audience with more information than a hurriedly selected stock image.

Cheesy stock photos don’t look good in front of your target audience. But that doesn’t mean you should avoid stock photos altogether. On the contrary, stock images can be an excellent starting point for generating authentic images that suit your brand’s style. 

The Flickr photo community’s database is a fantastic place to search for more delightful images. Plenty of pictures there are available free of charge and free of rights. Freeimages and Google Images are also great stock photo site alternatives. However, you have to carefully choose your images because not all of them are free of rights.

a collection of postcards with different images

Match your mood

It’s essential to select images that fit your brand’s style, mood, and voice regarding imagery because they have to appeal to your target audience. Also, there are numerous styles out there, but even when some interest you doesn’t mean they will fit.

Don’t Disregard the People

Great marketing aids in creating a personal connection between the brand and its audience, so it’s wise to include people in your images.

In addition, candid shots of subjects not looking at the camera best appeal to your audience since all these characteristics make it more natural for them to imagine being the one in the frame.

Capture a Feeling

When you’re choosing pictures, your primary focus should be on communicating the correct feeling. You’re trying to have your target audience feel a connection, and the quickest way to gain their trust and interest is through their heart.

An image that screams “confidence,” “security,” or “trust” will be more beneficial than one that only builds a literal connection like “beautiful landscape” or “money.”

Use Infographics

If your content contains complex subjects or figures, and you want to make them more appealing, consider using an infographic that displays your complex content attractively and clearly. 

No one likes lengthy uninterrupted content with a deluge of numbers or a summary. Instead, enhance your content by including illustrations that include the date you’re presenting to your target audience. 

Of course, whatever you choose to do is totally up to you. However, whether you decide on a flow chart, an illustration, a graph, or a pie chart, picking the correct infographic is a far cry from easy.