How to Use Clubhouse for Business

Since its inception in 2020, Clubhouse has quietly but steadily grown in popularity. Some see Clubhouse as a Twitter rival, whereas others see it as a completely different term. Do you want to see if the Clubhouse app will help your company? Interested in learning more about Clubhouse’s marketing strategy?

Here’s what business owners should know about the Clubhouse app, as well as some of the ways it could benefit you and your customers. In this article, you’ll learn why companies should consider using Clubhouse, as well as what marketers should know about it. You’ll learn how Clubhouse’s content discovery works, as well as how clubs operate.

What Exactly Is Clubhouse?

The clubhouse is a live audio app that is a delightfully weird mix of something that seems to be incredibly dull but is very interesting. It’s a cross between a podcast and being able to listen in on someone else’s phone call. In a nutshell, Clubhouse allows users to build virtual rooms and clubs. Each room is an experience — a user-led audio-only conversation.

These discussions may be planned ahead of time or can occur unexpectedly. Discussions can involve a small number of people — such as in an interview style, where other users merely listen in — or they can involve a large number of people. These rooms and clubs are organized around searchable themes and keywords that show users what binds a community or event together. There’s one more critical aspect of Clubhouse: the app doesn’t record the conversations. The only difference between Clubhouse and a podcast is that the interviews aren’t archived, so you have to listen live.

How to Use a Clubhouse for Growing your Business?

Here are some ways you can use this new forum to expand your business as the Clubhouse membership continues to grow:

1. Collaboration

The most obvious advantage of Clubhouse is that it allows you to interact with more people in your industry. Insider knowledge is beneficial in a variety of ways, including spotting and sharing patterns, broadening viewpoints, and gaining access to common wisdom. You will extend your network by listening to and engaging in events.

2. Establish yourself as an expert 

Establishing yourself and your business as market leaders is an important part of rising your brand. The possibilities for gaining more visibility via Clubhouse are practically endless. Sharing your knowledge and experience with those in your field will help you establish a reputation as a thought leader.

3. Holding virtual events

You can use the Clubhouse platform to connect with potential customers by hosting virtual activities in addition to B2B networking. Customers will get answers and insight into the shoe design process by having a live chat with the designer of a new athletic shoe at your retail specialty shoe shop. Your accounting firm could host a seminar on little-known tax breaks that can help clients save money. A weekly Q&A with a master gardener may be offered by an online seed retailer. Keep in mind that the business contacts are also customers. The opportunity for customer interaction is limitless.

4. Finding (or becoming) a mentor

Not every entrepreneur is fortunate enough to meet and engage with a mentor in person. The clubhouse is an excellent place to meet people who will push you, inspire you, and keep you accountable. When it comes to growing a company, having access to expert advice is invaluable, and sharing your knowledge with others will provide even the most experienced entrepreneurs with new perspectives. Mentoring is beneficial to all parties, and Clubhouse is an excellent place to meet new people and shape mentoring relationships.

5. Getting live feedback

The majority of the entrepreneurs I know are always coming up with new ideas. Any of these suggestions are fantastic. Others are dreadful. One of the best things about Clubhouse is that you’ll have a network of people to bounce ideas off of. Having people in your field provide real-time feedback will help you improve your ideas. Visual content is the best way to get positive feedback.

6. Identifying potential investors

It takes money to run a company, and not everyone gets a spot on Shark Tank. The clubhouse is yet another way to communicate with potential investors, fine-tune the pitch, and potentially close a contract.

Begin by asking around. Request an invitation to enter Clubhouse from a friend who was an early adopter. Get active once you’ve joined. Enter spaces, listen in on conversations, ask questions, and share your stories. Look for ways to associate your company and brand with those in your industry as well as potential clients. But keep in mind that the app isn’t just about making money. It’s about participating in and listening to important discussions in your profession.

7. Add more engagement

Bring in a keynote speaker who is an expert on a particular subject, and ask them common questions that you believe would benefit others. For instance, We researched that a person recently invited a tax attorney to chat in one of my chat rooms. We discussed various aspects of the tax code that affect entrepreneurs before taking questions from the audience. We discussed a lot of topics that people wanted to talk about in a vibrant and engaging conversation. Attractive Stock photos are also a great method of adding engagement.

8. Don’t forget the bio

Like on Instagram and Twitter, you can use the Clubhouse profile bio to your advantage. There are roughly 125 characters of space, so put in all the keywords and information that can help viewers understand what your business does. Think of it as a physical busines card, but don’t be afraid to use emojis. Lastly, make sure it reflects what you’ve mentioned in other social media profile bios. Inconsistency in bios can result in confusion or you might come off as an amateur in your industry. And oh yeah, bios are a great place to leave your website’s link (direct people from Clubhouse to your site). 

Some other Benefits of ClubHouse for Business Growth

Clubhouse, like any other social media app, does not guarantee success in your business goals, but it can be a useful tool if used correctly. If you do get an invitation, now is the time to try out a forum that can link you with interesting people while also potentially cultivating new business leads. While testing various chat rooms after joining the app a few weeks ago, I’ve discovered a few key advantages:

Getting advice from experts

If you take part in talks about marketing, AI, finance, and business, it’s been eye-opening to see how much free advice industry leaders offer away in these informal discussions. Simply by searching keywords as an entrepreneur, you can learn about a wide range of topics that can help you solve a problem or improve your company.

Finding people with skills you need

You can meet people with the knowledge and experience you need while visiting rooms relevant to your company. After connecting to Clubhouse, I hired a new employee. I went into a virtual assistant chat room and explained that I was looking for someone to help our company expand its reach on the site, and within minutes, several assistants had sent me messages about their services. I followed up with one, and she’s now in charge of our app’s marketing.

Giving away free advice, getting new business 

You will start to develop a community of followers by creating your own chat rooms based on your areas of expertise, whether they are one-time experiments or recurring events. I’ve started hosting regular chat rooms about advanced tax strategies for entrepreneurs, where I discuss tax issues and answer questions from the public. I’m not a big social media user, but connecting with people and sharing knowledge that they find useful has been a lot of fun and satisfying.

Real-Time FOMO

The pandemic has fueled the demand for virtual events, but not everyone is willing to turn on their camera and hop into a 60-minute Zoom session. A social platform that’s based on audio can make the difference here. You can set up different rooms based on the various aspects of your business and 

invite people to join. Although conversations can’t be recorded, you could leave some notes after the event. But the fact that it’s all going to be real-time and then disappear will invoke a FOMO, especially if the event is about an important topic. 

Summing Up

Clubhouse provides a massively scaled social environment that is very similar to an audio-only virtual case. There are currently about 1 million users on Clubhouse, and there are a few thousand rooms where people from all over the world are conversing about various industries, occupations, and interests at any given time. Hopefully, this article will be helpful for you and you can expand your business at a great level by just utilizing this simple app.