What are the best options to purchase stock video?

A Stock Video is a short-length video clip. These video clips can be used for filmmaking and are popular with amateur filmmakers and video editors. 

Stock footage clips can be bought and sold online. The sale and purchase of stock footage are facilitated by various stock agencies, creator websites, or other platforms that facilitate the transaction between the video’s creator and potential customers. The stock videos bought and sold at the mentioned platforms are usually rights-managed or royalty-free.

The internet abounds with stock videos but finding the right video clips for your personal project can take time and effort. Though some sites require subscription fees or users to pay royalties, there are still plenty of sites where you can buy and download cheap, high-quality video clips with no royalties! The great things about these royalty-free stock video sites are that you will not only get a chance to choose stock videos from huge collections once you download them, but you can also use them as many times as you like.

We have here a handpicked list of Top Paid Stock Videos sites along with their popular features. 

Stocksy company logo


This site provides a diverse set of royalty-free stock media. Since real people curate the content of Stocksy’s collection, you are guaranteed to find the relevant content you are looking for. 

The site boasts a daily updated collection of top-notch curated photography, videography, and illustrations. Licensing options are also available to suit the needs of your creative projects.

Stocksy also has easy-to-use, advanced search capabilities, such as “conceptionally similar” and “visually similar” search tools, that can help marketers and creators easily find the content they need. Since the site’s collection is also updated regularly, you are guaranteed to find various types of fresh stock footage, including UGC-style videos, video textures, animations, and timelapse. 

The site’s collections are also maintained by a Creative Research team that works collaboratively with clients. The team uses client feedback and response to build custom galleries with content curated for your needs.

And lastly, all of the video content on Stocksy is sold through royalty-free licensing, which means that it can be used on multiple projects as long as it meets the platform’s licensing terms. 

The corporate logo of iStock


This site is another popular stock imagery agency. And iStock has been in the industry longer than other popular stock imagery agencies. 

Getty Images, a popular stock photo agency, owns the agency. An extensive collection of stock footage–including various clips exclusive to their site- is offered by iStock at very affordable prices.

iStock also offers regular video subscriptions, giving subscribers 10 or 20 video clip downloads per month. All footage clip downloads are offered in HD and 4K resolution. And these video subscriptions can be hired month-to-month, annually with monthly payments, or annually paid upfront. 

You can save a great deal of money with these plans because the site charges as little as $159 per month, and if you’re willing to dole out the money for a one-year subscription to be paid upfront, you can get an HD or 4K clip for as cheap as $8.33!

Finally, when it comes to actually purchasing stock videos from iStock, it is important to remember that iStock sells stock videos in a single clip or with video packs. And all their prices are based on the video’s resolution and the volume of your purchase.

Videvo stock footage


Launched with the goal of becoming the ultimate source for free stock footage and motion graphics, Videvo has been providing people access to collections of stock videos since 2012. Videvo’s library has grown over the years to include premium video and audio. And the premium videos and audio sets are accessible via Videvo two Premium Plans. What’s great about Videvo’s premium plans is that all accessible premium clips are guaranteed to be provided in HD resolution or above.

Videvo also offers free content, albeit with varying licenses, though its Premium Plans do guarantee Royalty-Free licensing. Without a subscription to a premium plan, the selection of free stock videos that Videvo offers that you can use requires attribution. 

The two Premium Plans that Videvo offers are Videvo Plus and Videvo Pro. And both are offered in monthly and yearly subscription plans. 

When choosing a subscription plan, its important to keep in mind that Videvo monthly subscription plans offer a set number of premium clip downloads per month. In contrast, a yearly subscription, on the other hand, extends the number of monthly downloads to unlimited.

Aside from the perks of Videvo premium plans here are some of the other things that make Videvo a great stock video platform for those that have a tight budget: It gives access to more than thousands of stock videos. It also has hassle-free licensing options. Videvo also uploads videos daily. And lastly, it allows users helps to find and download videos according to shot types like framing, angle, and focal length.

company logo og Shutterstock


Because of its huge library and low prices, Shutterstock has grown to be one of the most popular online stock imagery agencies! 

The popular stock image and stock video agency have over 19 Million video footage clips in its collections. Its stock videos have a great variety of themes and styles, and the site also maintains a good filter system to find them. Most of Shutterstock’s footage is in HD, and the platform also maintains a large selection of 4K clips and, of course, stock images.

For customers to access the site’s services and resources, Shutterstock offers various subscription deals. Here are some of the things you need to learn about Shutterstock’s subscription packages: 

Shutterstock offers regular video subscriptions with a limit of 10 or 20 footage clip downloads per month, all in either HD or 4K resolution. You can hire these subscriptions month-to-month, annually with monthly payments, or annually paid upfront. These plans can be great money savers since you can get them for as little as $159 per month, and if you’re willing to invest in a year paid upfront, you can get an HD or 4K clip for as little as $8.33!

And aside from subscription-based access, Shutterstock also sells stock videos on demand through single clip sales or video pack deals. With their on-demand prices being based on video resolution and purchase volume. 

These are just some online platforms where you can purchase stock video clips. Before you buy subscriptions or on-demand stock clips, be sure to read the terms of services. And it is also equally important to pick stock videos within your budget.