What is Envato?

For creative thinkers and innovators, there is no other place where they could find the company of like-minded people than Envato. Launched in 2006, this leading global online community for creative talents, tools, and assets has revolutionized the online marketplace.

Since launching its ActiveDen, Envato is keeping its mission and vision of being a venue for a fair promotion of products and services online. Envato remains a top choice among innovators who want to sell or buy smart design, and creative assets and hire or look for freelancers.

Envato provides the needed assistance to creatives to finish their projects and promote them online with an unlimited subscription service.

From a café logo to a Hollywood title sequence, Envato would get it done for you, the company promised its users. Interestingly, you will find or spot something for your creative needs in Envato. From audio, website themes, and graphic templates, to videos and photos, Envato will deliver it for you.

Envato’s journey has been quite remarkable, from the company’s early beginnings in a Sydney garage to having offices in Melbourne, Australia and Guadalajara, Mexico.

Jun Rung, Collis Ta’eed, and Cyan Ta’eed founded Envato and had their first office in a Sydney garage before they opened their offices in Melbourne and Guadalajara.

The struggles and triumphs of Envato are truly inspiring. Their success story propelled them to come up with outstanding services and products and, yes, lots of charity works! 

“In 2018, this means that in addition to staff profit share, a further 1% of all profits will be dedicated to charity, and in previous years we’ve had the opportunity to support causes across themes as diverse as mental health, environmental protection, education, literacy and family violence,” read the company’s statement.

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“While we’re excited to be in a position to say thank you to all of our staff who work hard to make our global creative community such a success, we’re also able to give back to causes that mean a lot to the people in our organization,” it added.

Whether you are a customer who is looking for an item to complete your creative project or an author who is excited about the things that you do, you will find Envato’s community as your answered prayer.

For the authors, they can upload their work using Envato. Customers, whether freelancers or creative agencies, can also download assets. Additionally, authors can also earn money from their sales. In fact, Envato authors have made over $1 billion USD in total earnings.

The products and services of Envato

  1. ActiveDen
  2. PSD Tuts (now Tuts+)
  3. ThemeForest 
  4. AudioJungle
  5. GraphicRiver 
  6. VideoHiv
  7. CodeCanyon
  8. PhotoDune
  9. 3DOcean
  10. Elite Author Program
  11. Microlancer (now Evanto Studio)
  12. Envato Elements
  13. Developer Apprentice
  14. Milkshake
  15. Reshot
  16. Placeit
  17. Mixkit
  18. Envato Market

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Interesting facts about Envato

  1. Envato Tuts+  would help you with your creative needs through its over 20,000 online tutorials and courses. 
  2. Envato has women’s developer apprentice program
  3. Envato’s Melbourne headquarters has a jigsaw puzzle club.
  4. Over 100 Envato workers can speak Spanish fluently.
  5. Other Envato staff are fluent in Hebrew, Russian, German, French, and Danish.
  6. One of Envato’s co-founders has now established a chocolate business.
  7. At Envato’s headquarters, people can find packets of Hey Tiger chocolates.
  8. Envato has transferred its office six times in 12 years.
  9. At Envato, Spanish language is the second-most widely spoken.
  10. Zomato and Envato and Zomato are domain or brand name from the same area.
  11. The ‘vato’ in Envato means ‘dude’
  12. Envato’s profits are shared yearly with staff and charity.
  13. Envato has an item or product sold or downloaded by users about every four seconds
  14. The downloading of Envato’s items adds up to over 40 million sales from six million unique customers since 2006. 
  15. Envato Tuts+ has tutorials turned or translated into over 50 languages.

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Envato today

In July 2022, Envato was on the news after it was reported that it would shut down its community freelance platform Envato Studio and its stock photo site Twenty20.

A report from WP Tavern said the latest move from the company was due to the issues of inflation and global conflicts.

“We were spread too thin across all of these products we’d established. They’re all creative products, but some are older with legacy platforms, whereas some are newer and going really well. We wanted to sharpen focus on our future products that are going really well,” Hichame Assi, Envato CEO, told The Australian Financial Review.

Amid this development, Envato continues to earn the trust and confidence of its users, clients, staff, and visitors.

Marissa Joyner, an Envato author, said that the “benefits of being at Envato are that you get more eyeballs on your work, people get to see what you can do.”

“I’ve seen people use my templates for commercials, corporate videos, video greetings for customers…pretty much anything you can think of,” Joyner said.

“Envato Elements is one of those platforms that I log onto on a daily basis sometimes even when I don’t need to design anything. I get visual inspiration and feel empowered having this library of resources to make our ideas come to life,” added Dillah Zakbah, of BBH.

Atzimba Palomares Barriga, of iHeartMedia, maintained that “Envato definitely comes in handy and makes my work so much easier when I need to tackle bigger projects that involve commercial work because the wide variety of video templates that are available are super easy to use.”

“As soon as I became an author on Envato, I quickly had some success and started to see revenue coming in, it was apparent very quickly that I did not need to keep my regular job. So I started my own company…it gave me a lot of freedom to do what I want and work for myself. The idea that my success is driven by my own ideas, having that control is a really nice side effect of working for yourself,” added Andy Wilkerson (aka Parallelus), another Envato author.