What alternatives are there to YouTube for publishing videos?

The good thing about the internet is it will never run out of options for everyone. You can always pick something for your own delight and satisfy your curiosity.  In terms of entertainment, you can always get something that you can indulge in, whether it’s text, photos, videos, or any other visual or audio format.

Interestingly, YouTube, which is hailed as the most used platform among American adults in the 2022 survey alone, also has alternatives if you want to think that the site no longer caters to your taste and style.

“But just because it’s the leading video platform and search engine on the market doesn’t mean there aren’t better alternatives for some use cases,” said tech-writer Jeremy Holcombe of Kinsta.

In fact, YouTube has already gathered over 2 billion registered users and $15 billion in advertising revenue.

Amid this reality, Holcombe maintained that “there are plenty of options to choose from.” YouTube, an American-made video-sharing that allows users to upload, view, and share video content, might look indispensable; but in the end, it always has another great alternative.

 In fact, if you are a passionate videographer, you can find over 100 alternative websites to YouTube for your video content. 

“You may think watching innocent videos won’t expose much information about you, but you’re wrong. It’s surprising how much data Google uses to understand who you are and what you like or dislike. Now is the time to take your privacy back and look for a YouTube alternative that doesn’t collect your data,” added Jomilė Nakutavičiūtė of Nord VPN.

Tv camera in a concert hall

This is the reason why plenty of video creators have begun checking other options due to an ever-growing number of pop ads shown per video on YouTube. Also, many creators are annoyed with the type of algorithms interfering with their uploaded video material, especially the better videos they have made.

While it depends on the platform you are using—from Android, iPhone, Online/Web-based, Linux, and Windows—you can also explore another video-sharing site for your heart’s content.

Some of the amazing alternatives to YouTube

  1. PeerTube
  2. BitChute
  3. NewPipe
  4. Vimeo 
  5. VidLii
  6. DTube
  7. Internet Archives Video Section
  8. TED
  9. Crackle
  10. Metacafe
  11. 9GAG TV
  12. Dailymotion
  13. Vevo
  14. Twitch
  15. Netflix
  16. Hulu

Why do people look for YouTube alternatives?

It’s a natural tendency for netizens to jump from one platform to another for their entertainment needs. However, there are some reasons that push them hard to find an alternative. This can be traced to how they guarded their privacy and security. 

“Unfortunately, it’s almost impossible to stop video streaming websites from using some form of tracking. All of them collect aggregated data to ‘improve their services’ or use cookies to collect data for marketing purposes. Some also share that data with their partners and almost all of them will share your information in ‘special circumstances’ like to fight fraud or when required by law enforcement agencies,” said Nakutavičiūtė.

Video montager mounts video at desktop. Home workstation

While it is true that Google takes much of the user’s data or profile to tailor his needs online and eventually rakes money from the ads, there are also sites that serve you fewer ads and more on protecting your privacy.

 These alternative sites to YouTube continue to impress the online users that they have garnered more followers as the day passes.

For example, Vimeo has already garnered over 150 million creators and 1.24 million subscribers.

“Some alternatives to YouTube might not amass the same amount of users, or make nearly the same amount of profit, but they can offer you better privacy, more unique content, and a more specific community of like-minded users,” Nakutavičiūtė said.

The tech author also offered ideas that to avoid being spied on. The user must use VPN to protect his online presence even from secret tracking software, such as a super cookie. 

Interesting facts about alternative sites to YouTube

1. DTube

DTube tops in the privacy-focused video content platforms. The video content on the site is kept on the blockchain. This means that hackers cannot just easily penetrate and tamper with the material. DTube is also ads-free and does not have a recommendation algorithm.

2. Twitch

Twitch is a favorite site for gamers. This platform provides a chance for users to upload their recordings or do a live broadcast of their gameplay. This site is also like a social network because it gives more opportunities to fellow users to share and connect with each other during the games.

3. TED

TED is a globally-known non-profit organization that has become a platform for hosting conferences and speeches.

The topics range from sci-tech, religion, business, motivational talks, startups, self-help tips, and many more. It welcomes people from all walks of life. TED has been one of the sites where people draw inspiration, knowledge, and courage in everyday life.

4. Metacafe

Metacafe has a natural appeal in terms of the video platform. The platform has a huge collection of uploaded videos. Moreover, you cannot find a duplicate video on this platform. People can also view various playlists and subscribe to channels.

Youtuber editing video on laptop for up to worldwide through an online freelance work.

5. Vimeo

Vimeo is a must-go site for creative minds. Since filmmakers establish this site, it is already a fact that it can offer a better option for sharing videos plus it is ad-free.

Vimeo is known for its amazing interface. It even surpasses YouTube in terms of its extremely high-quality videos, which is 4K Ultra HD, to be exact. This superb platform can help many content makers earn extra cash for their video material.

6. 9GAG TV

9GAG is a top video platform for anyone hunting funny and short videos online. Social media site users on Twitter and Facebook adore this site because it also provides lots of memes, GIFs, and funny pictures that can be shared easily.

7. Dailymotion 

Dailymotion is one of the top competitors of YouTube. It allows users to upload 4GB video content with a resolution of 1080p. However, the uploaded materials should be only up to 20 min long.

8. Vevo

Vevo is a fantastic site to binge on music videos. Vevo has a vast amount of high-quality videos from Universal Music Group and Sony Music Entertainment.