How Important Is It To Have Images In a Twitter Tweet?

What is Twitter, and how to get started with this platform? These are the commonly asked questions by people around the world. Twitter is an information-sharing application that can also be used for business, but a lot of people have still not understood its usage. 

You can post one tweet of not more than 280 characters. You can add images, videos, as well as links to the message. Though this tool has gained popularity worldwide, many people have not reached and understood how to use it to grow their businesses. 

It is one of the easiest tools that can help you connect to famous personalities, including celebrities, politicians, bloggers, and entrepreneurs of the world. If you are on Twitter or are about to make your profile to get started, keep in mind that the profile must be eye-catching to attract an audience. 

So, coming to the answer, YES, it is important to use photos in the tweets. Twitter is awesome, but it may also be overwhelming and a total waste of your time. It all depends on your usage. If you are using it right, it is an extraordinary tool for adding value, networking, building your business, and so many other things. 

Following are some top benefits of adding images to your tweet:

1. Increases Engagement on Your Account 

Increases Engagement on Your Account 

Adding images in the tweets has a huge impact on your Twitter activity and engagement. If you are striving to get more engagement, this might sort your problem. Twitter has revolutionized over time. It used to be more of a text-based platform, but now it has become more of a pictorial and visual application. This is the reason it is important to use authentic images on the platform like Twitter. 

The engagement rate has been observed to be increased in a relatively short time when you use images or videos in your tweets. That does not necessarily mean that the tweets using texts and links will not get engagement. Adding images, however, is a kind of shortcut and increases the engagement by 3 times

The engagement rate is one factor that helps you identify how well your tweet is doing on Twitter. It also tells you how many of your followers have reacted to your tweet. You will also get to know about the reactions the tweet got from people who were not even following you. 

According to research done by Buffer, it is found out that images get the most of Twitter’s total engagements. About 35% of the boosts are received by photos compared to videos that get 28% and text messages that get no more than 19% of the total boost. 

2. Pictures and Videos Speed Up Your Fan Following 

Pictures and Videos Speed Up Your Fan Following

Most people on Twitter are always searching for ways to increase their fan following. Only celebs do not need a bigger fan base, but every Twitter user wants to have more audience to interact with. Even you will see introverts interacting on this platform. So, if you are done trying and have not succeeded in gaining followers, you must try tweeting with images. These images might be of yourself or the ones captured by you. People seem to enjoy photos more than dry and boring texts. 

3. Your Business or Brand Will Get Fast Recognition 

Your Business or Brand Will Get Fast Recognition 

If you are running an online business, you should post real-time images of your products on Twitter, so your products get recognized. You can make a few seconds videos of the products to take the audience in confidence about the quality. Twitter is a perfect tool for promoting your business while sitting at home. Utilize the opportunity and be a successful business person. 

Pictures have the power to tell a story, and that too without using words. You can say that one picture is more than a thousand words. For running your business on Twitter, you can follow these tips:

  • Never use dull, boring images. Be conscious to choose the best image for posting on Twitter so that it stands out. 
  • Never use the images that are downloaded from any website. Use original images clicked by you. 
  • Avoid using images masked by dull and boring colors. Bold colors tend to divert the attention of the users. Imagine scrolling on your phone. You will click on the images that are bold and captivates your eyes. Won’t you?

How to Use Images in the Best Possible Way on Twitter?

How to Use Images in the Best Possible Way on Twitter

After reading till here, you might think that posting images is enough to attract the audience? Sorry to burst your bubble, but you got to use the pictures in the best possible way to do so. We will guide you through the process. 

1. Follow the Right Image Dimensions 

When posting a Twitter header image, use correct image dimensions. Your image must be 1500 pixels wide and 500 pixels tall. If you are tweeting the image, it should have dimensions of 876 pixels into 438 pixels.

If you don’t adjust the dimensions yourself, Twitter will. But that has a chance of cut or crop the details of the image, and it does not look. Do these changes in advance to avoid discomfort later.

2. If You Are Linking or Referring To an Article, Add a Related Image

Tweeting images will never disappoint you. You don’t have to rely entirely on images but never forget to post images whenever you refer to an article. It would be better to use an image that you have used in the article. Doing this will make your content stand out among millions on Twitter. 

3. Always Use a Header Image that Best Suits Your Brand Profile

If you are running a business, you must always post a header image that reflects your business. Use an image that says it all about your work without words and entice a better audience.

4. Try Not to Share Images from Instagram to Twitter

Instagram has a feature that enables you to directly share images you post on your Instagram profile to Twitter. Therefore, spare some time to post the image separately on Twitter. 

5. Use a Collage When Uploading More than One Image

Twitter allows you to post four images at once. If you want to tweet more than one image in your tweet along with attractive text that can boost your profile, go ahead and do it. 

6. Avoid Using Offensive Photos 

Content that may be offensive to certain people or may give rise to controversies should be avoided. Create a positive environment by posting images that raise the spirits of people. 


We hope now you understand the importance of using images in your Twitter tweet. However, make sure to use Twitter with modesty by not flooding your timeline with images after reading this article. Be vigilant to screen content that can be complemented by images and videos. 

Now that you have learned the importance of visuals in a tweet implement these tips to have a better growing profile/business.