How Important is to Have Images On Facebook Posts?

Imagine a world without colours, it looks boring, doesn’t it? The same goes for Facebook posts- posts without pictures fail to catch the attention of the users. An old saying goes “A picture is a poem without words”.

Images can have a significant impact on a reader’s mind if they are portrayed correctly with the content, it is more effective to use images with the text than using the text alone as people tend to skim through the text because it looks dull.

Nevertheless, sometimes even images fail to grab the attention of people which is because they are not used effectively with the content. Here are some reasons which will allow us to understand why it is important to use images in a Facebook post.

Allows to Attract International audience

A person from Germany looking for a tourist spot in Pakistan would prefer to see visualized content rather than just praises regarding a place in a form of online text. Thus, a holiday planner needs to use images of a tourist destination in his Facebook posts otherwise he will lose a potential client.

In addition to this, there are a variety of languages in the world so keeping the foreign clients in mind, one would not just have to rely on the text as it might not be comprehensible for everyone. Using images as guidelines would be helpful for those who face difficulty in understanding a particular language.

Easy to Grab Attention


There are more than 2.85 billion people on Facebook and using images is an amazing way to grab maximum people’s attention. It is researched that a Facebook post with an image is eight times more engaging than an imageless post.

We quickly stop to watch Facebook posts with images because the image is an indestructible tool that draws our attention. However to get the maximum attention the choice of the image should be in accordance to target the right audience.

Facebook posts with images get significantly higher likes and shares than posts without images which proves that images in the post get the maximum attention of users.

For example, if McDonald’s talks about their newly launched burger on Facebook without an image, the campaign will surely fail. Companies have to show their product rather than just the text to grab customers’ attention.

Images Create Personal Connection

For instance, we have always imagined ourselves as one of the fictional superheroes while watching a Hollywood film. The same goes for a successful ad campaign. Showing a man working hard for his family always attracts people emotionally and everyone sees themselves in him.

In addition to this, adding images in a Facebook post is always helpful to build a man-to-man connection amongst the audience. It is considered sagacious to include people in the frame

Wishing someone a happy birthday without adding your pictures of the time you spent with them does not interest them much. They would not feel the connection. Images speak louder than just text.

A post that makes the connection and shows security and trust will be more beneficial than the one which is wordy and long-winded. No one prefers to read lengthy content, instead use images to make it more enchanting.

Help the Audience Remember the Message

People only remember 10% of what they learn but if we combine images with the text it helps to retain 70% of the knowledge. Therefore, adding images to a post would help the audience in a much better way to grasp what is being told.

To hold a successful marketing campaign companies try to get inside the minds of the audience which is only possible in the above-mentioned way.

For instance, most of us remember the first public service announcement regarding COVID-19, this is because it was especially portrayed to us by the help of images and infographics.

If ways of protecting ourselves from COVID were shown without images, the majority of us would not have remembered any of it. It was the power of images that the right message was conveyed to the majority of the social media users.

Showing statistics with images

Showing statistics of something on Facebook post with an image is much more clear than words. It is possible to show the percentage of deforestation each year with just words. But showing the same statistics with images will make much more sense and the message will be conveyed with strong emotions. Statistics on images are much more captivating for users who are watching the post.

If your post successfully showed the message with a clear understanding of the topic then it is much likely that the post will get higher likes and shares. Statistics are always clear to common people when they are shown on the images rather than long boring explanations.

Targeting Visual learners

More than half of the Facebook users are visual learners since the majority of our data processing in the brain is all visual rather than text.

Since most of the active Facebook members are visual learners then the majority of our posts should contain any sort of images to convey important messages. Our imageless posts are much likely to get down through the Facebook timeline without getting people’s attention.

Even if we are successful in getting people’s attention then very few people will be able to process the message.

Use a Variety of Images

Using images in a post is indeed a powerful tool. However, using the same kind of images again and again negatively impacts the quality of your post and you might lose your audience.

The type of images should be changed as well since uploading candid photos on Facebook, again and again, is kind of boring for the audience. Different filters, different poses, and using different angles might help to keep the interest of your audience.

For any product, its advertisement is sure to use different pictures of your product to cover all of its angles. Showing the complete physical view of the product helps gain more attention and trust of potential Facebook customers.

Furthermore, a professional camera plays a major role in keeping the images of the product much more engaging. High-quality product images show professionalism and attract more Facebook views.

Final Word

It is now a fact that posts with images are much more likely to grab Facebook users’ attention. Images play a vital role in attracting audience attention, conveying and helping remember the important messages with visual aids, targeting visual learners, and showing statistics.

It is an amazing saying that if “content is king then images are the emperor”. An effective post is created when content is accompanied by the image. It doesn’t matter if the content itself is amazing since content alone is not enough to attract maximum likes and shares.