Tips for Finding Free Fonts

There are various options through which you can download the fonts for free if you are having a limited budget for your typography. There are so many places where you can spend hours browsing the shoddy sites and still come out empty-handed. Instead of looking for many options, you can narrow down the free websites where you will find a variety of fonts for free. Hence, you will be saving your time. 

Some people are not having enough budget to use paid fonts for their business branding. Not all the free fonts are free but some having a limited license. It means that you can only use them for your personal project. Also, if you are working for a business, then you can use the commercial licensed free fonts to reduce your cost. 

Tips for Finding Free Fonts

Tips for Finding Free Fonts

There are few tips that you can use to pick the best fonts for your website such as assessing the readability, getting inspiration, personality or branding reflection, load times, a combination of fonts, etc. 

Google Fonts 

On Google Fonts, there are over 1,000 free licensed font families. It is one of the largest collections where you can find online free fonts. Also, it is one of the trusted websites that is mostly used by designers around the world. It is because of the robust collection it offers to its users with the functionality of downloading any font you like. 

You can browse the font by categories, font properties, language, and including attributes such as alignment and weight. The preview feature allows the users to compare the different sources. The fonts on the Google fonts are open source. It means that you can customize and share them for use. 

Also, you can collaborate with the designer to improve the font style and design. The free fonts on this website can be used for private and commercial use or computer and websites.


It is a place where should showcase their work in terms of graphic design and fonts. It is an online portfolio platform to find free fonts for your personal project or business project. It has undergone a recent overhaul and now the website is even more beautiful to look at. 

You will find different kinds of jobs on this website. Also, you can add a few filters to find the right free font for your work. Once, you have looked for your best free fonts, you can download them with some great options. You will find everything that suits your work. Talking about free fonts, you will find handwriting, tattoo, script, serif font, etc. 


It is a massive archive for freely downloadable fonts. You can search fonts alphabetically, author, style, popularity, etc. Much of these options are on the unprofessional side but you will find a few best options of free fonts. When you are looking for a new font for a new theme, you will even find the Pac-Man font. 

Creative Market

Creative Market is an online marketplace where you will find community-generated design resources. It offers a selection of free products each weak including free fonts. The design changes weekly and you will find them for a limited period. But on the other hand, the sources available on this website are usually paid. 

It makes sure that its users are getting premium quality products from them. There are some locked free fonts that you can unlock with qualifying purchases. 

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It is not having the largest collection but there are free fonts that are well organized into different categories. Apart from the fonts from the web, it is also having an in-house design. For your ease, there are free fonts along with some premium fonts that you can use for branding your website. 


FontStruct is a free font creation tool and community. The users can create what the site calls FontStructions while using the FontStructor editor. The users are encouraged to share their fonts with others. Hence, one can download the free fonts. There are plenty of sources to search and add fonts every day. 

The high-quality TrueType fonts are also available on this website. These fonts can be used on Mac and Windows. The navigation on the site makes it easier for users to look for the free font they want to use or download


There are over 83,000 free fonts that you can use for typography. They are neatly organized into several categories that will help you to find your preference. Besides typical serif, script, etc. categories, there are font designs for special occasions. If you are unsure of what you are looking for, then it is an ideal option for you. 

The clear label of free makes it easier for you to choose the free fonts for your website. Hence, you will know if it is good for business or personal use. 


TypeType designers share a large collection of free fonts as a part of a project to make typography more accessible and popular to more people. The Free Fonts project is organized by Jovanny Lemonad and the free fonts can be used for personal and commercial use without limitations. 

If you like a free font and you download it, you may consider donating. The proceeds go to the ON your heart charitable initiative that helps the children in need. 



Fontasy is an archive of over 1,000 fonts that you can download for free. Apart from being a popular name, this website offers you a wide variety of styles and a pleasant browsing experience that make it fun to find free fonts. You can find free fonts by style, from A to Z, and by designer. These filters narrow down your choices for your project. 

If you want to use the free font for commercial use, you have to contact the designer to make sure that there are no allegations in the future.


Typedepot is a nifty little typeface studio website where the users are offered several clearly labeled free fonts for download. Also, there are some great commercial use fonts that you can buy for your use. The project was started on the sidelines of studio founders Veronika Slavova and Alexander Nedelev. It was before they realized that they have a true passion for typography. Hence, they dedicated themselves to it full time. 

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Font Squirrel

Font Squirrel is different from other websites because it compiles the fonts from other websites and links to them. All the available fonts are free for both commercial and personal use. You will find them in TTF and OTF format. 

It provides its users a filter option through which you can filter the tags, types, and categories of free fonts. Unfortunately, you will not get a custom font previous. To do so, you will have to click and wait for the source website to offer the functionality.

Free Fonts – Where To Find Free Fonts

The fonts that you use for your website for promoting your brand or business or for blog posting or SEO content writing, then the first thing you should consider is readability. You don’t want your users to be uncomfortable reading the information. The free fonts make it easier for different users that they can use them for personal use. 

Another consideration is that few sites provide you paid fonts for commercial use. So, make sure that you have chosen the right free font for your project to avoid allegations or restrictions in the future.