Strategies for Betting High-Quality Backlinks

High-quality backlinks are one of the best ways to improve your site’s ranking. Although Google’s algorithm is updated regularly but one cannot change the fact that the effort of earning high-quality backlinks remains relevant. There are several ways to earn high-quality backlinks such as commenting on blogs as a guest post, getting yourself interviewed, and using the broken-linking method. We are not here to discuss them. Instead, we are going to dig deeper and explain some other tips and tricks for you to consider. Before we begin with the discussion, it needs to be settled that earning high-quality backlinks requires time and effort. So, if you were thinking about shortcuts, there aren’t any. Therefore, the only way to earn high-quality backlinks is if you give this article a read.

Publish Evergreen Content

You might have not heard this before but publishing evergreen content is the key to constantly earn high-quality backlinks. It is like a one-time investment, you do it properly and the backlinks will come running towards you. Evergreen content is content that remains relevant for years to come. Your aim should be that the backlinks should be natural instead of appearing natural. Furthermore, evergreen posts are also tough to outrank SERPs. You will need to work hard on creating evergreen content but think about what it will bring in return.

Start a Podcast

Start a Podcast

One of the ways to earn high-quality backlinks is to get yourself interviewed or invited to a podcast. However, even better would be if you start your own. Think about it! by starting your own podcast, you will have complete authority over content and will not have to reach out to podcasters while waiting for their response at the same time. Time is money here. Therefore, you will be creating your very own personal brand and sharing original content. Invest in a good microphone though.

Get Noticed on Product Hunt

Product HuntProduct Hunt is a website where geeks from all over the world come to discuss the latest technology, innovation, and science. As everyone here shares the same passion and interest, getting yourself noticed is not a big task. In order to get a backlink from Product Hunt, you need to create an account and link it to your website. You will need to be active on the site. This can be done by posting reviews, replying to comments, and upvoting or downvoting products.

Submit Your Site to Startup Directories

You probably would be surprised to hear that there is something such as startup directories. These directories hold a record of early-stage startups. Therefore, if you have just launched your startup as well, submit it to startups directories. Although the submission fee is free but if you want to take things a bit further and ensure that your startup is listed, it will require a bit of spending. There are tons of directories on the internet. You are sure to find something.

Find Backlinks from ‘Best’ Blogs

Finding backlinks from the ‘Best’ blogs is an insanely effective technique. You simply have to look for the best blogs to read on the internet. Then, create a Google Doc and add links to any quality blogs that you would like to receive a backlink from. At the same time, note the email addresses of the bloggers you would like to reach out. Moving ahead, reach out to the bloggers using the email addresses and present a link to your articles. Request them to post it in one of their weekly/monthly roundup posts. Moreover, if you wish to take it further, post thoughtful comments. Notice the word ‘thoughtful’. Instead of commenting ‘excellent’ and ‘great’ etc. think of creative ways to appreciate the author.

Create a Crunchbase Account

Like Product Hunt, you can create a Crunchbase account as well to fetch high-quality links. This is a place where millions of users come together to discuss investments and the latest trends. Therefore, you will find something related to your interest as well. While you will be connecting with different people, it is also a great source of earning high-quality backlinks. As a matter of fact, you will get a backlink from a website that will have a domain authority score of 91. Therefore, a win-win situation waiting to be taken advantage of.

Know the value of links

While searching for backlinks, you need to be considerate about their value. Not all links carry equal weight or value. Links from authoritative sites will improve your search rankings as compared to low-quality sites that will not create any significant impact. Therefore, while you are in the process of improving your site’s ranking and earning high-quality links, make sure that you only pursue qualified sites that are worth your time and effort. Checkout the Alexa Rank to see how authoritative a website is.

Final Word

Now that you are aware of the tips & tricks, it is time for you to get started and test these techniques. Closely observe your competitor websites and see how they manage to rank their website at the top. Each step mentioned above required time. Do not hurry and expect your website to climb the top spot overnight. Expect the unexpected and leave some space for shortcomings. It will take time but you will atleast be doing things the proper way.