Ways to Earn Quality Backlinks

Backlinks play a crucial role when it comes to attracting traffic towards your website. Anyone who is an expert in creating websites will tell you that high-quality backlinks are the only way of getting yourself ranked at the top. The difference between you and the website ranked above lies in backlinks. This means that the website that is better ranked features better profile and quality backlinks.

However, the question is, how to earn quality backlinks? It may be easier as it seems but, in reality, all it takes is smart and efficient work, fortunately, there are several ways that you could try to make sure it works out for you the best way. Let us take a look at some clever ways of earning high-quality backlinks.

Develop a relationship with authority blogs and news sites

The first thing you need to learn is that to get yourself ranked on the first page of Google, you will need to develop a relationship with authority news sites and blogs. The good news is that it is not as hard as it may sound. You will need to use a free service such as Help a Reporter Out.

HARO is basically a site for people always on the lookout for sources. It means it could be journalists, news anchors, or other news/media related personnel. In reality, the website connects people who need sources with people who need high-quality links and exposure, like you. Although this technique has worked out for many but do not take it for granted. It is not that easy either but one of the best ways to earn high-quality links.

Write High-Quality Content

The key to attracting large internet traffic is writing high-quality content. As mentioned earlier, you will need to think like an average user. An average user would not like to spend reading content that holds no value. If there are grammatical and structural mistakes as well, it is most likely to put off the user. The reason being that such mistakes which you may take for granted, significantly affects the overall quality of your content. Therefore, you will need to put in effort in terms of researching and mention facts and figures that could not be argued.

Remember, you are writing the content for visitors and not for google. A user needs everything clear and simple when it comes to reading information. Your audience will quickly jump the shift as soon as they feel that your content is complicated to read and understand. If they think that your content is unique and is easy to get around, they will share it and in return, you will earn high-quality backlinks.

Broken Link Building

Some rules are old-school and you should not be underestimating them. Broken Link building is one of the most effective ways of earning high-quality backlinks. Even though there are several other ways to do it but professionals still use this method regularly to rank their websites better. The thing is that every top website suffers from broken links. It develops a bad impression for the user if they visit the site and find out that it isn’t working. Therefore, no webmaster wants to go through that.

Therefore, in such cases, you will need to find the top websites that are related to your niche and then find the broken links. Broken links could be found using both free and paid tools. Once you have detected the broken links, contact the owner of the website, and let them know. Ask them to replace the broken link with your content link. However, ask politely and don’t rush it. It is most likely that you will earn a high-quality backlink.

Guest Blogging

Amongst the smartest ways to earn high-quality links, one is guest blogging. As the term suggests, guest blogging means that you search for blogs that allow you to post as a ‘guest’. However, it should not be just any guest blog, instead something related to your niche. You can search for them easily on Google. In addition to that, you will need to browse through different blogs and sites and find the perfect guest posting website. Once you have located the perfect site/blog, enter and submit your post as a guest.

Create and submit Infographics

Creating and submitting infographics is a brilliant way of earning high-quality backlinks and attracting traffic. It is a high-demand technique that has been used for years. You will begin by searching for a topic that is trending, related to your niche or business, and then create infographics on it. Then, you will submit it to famous sites. If incase, your infographics go viral, chances are high that you will receive high-quality backlinks. Remember, to always submit the infographics to high DA sites. This is the only way through which you can earn high-quality backlinks.

Promote Your Content

Coming up with high-quality content is one thing but promoting it is another. You cannot expect miracles to drive internet traffic towards your site. Therefore, it is necessary that you promote your content. As people visit your site and like the content, they will most probably share it with others. As a result, you will be earning high-quality backlinks, increasing the traffic as well.

There are several ways of promoting your content. First, you can collect email addresses and share your content via emails. Second, post your content on social media platforms such as Facebook, LinkedIn, and Twitter, etc. Third, create slides and share them on slide share. Fourth, send your content to sites that promote weekly or monthly.

Get Yourself Interviewed

Although getting yourself interviewed as a beginner might not be easy and sometimes impossible. However, you can contact sites that publish interviews. It will work out for you interms of earning high-quality backlinks if the viewers find that you are sharing unique information. Let them know as to how you can help them with additional knowledge and information. Furthermore, let them know how it will help their visitors and that they must publish it with your link. As a result, you will be earning high-quality backlinks.

Write Testimonials and Reviews

If you have been using the services of different websites, you can contact them and let them know about their experience by writing reviews and testimonials. Furthermore, you can review their tools and products as well. As a result, your testimonial would be on that website and additionally, you will be getting high-quality backlinks for your site. However, you will need to contact the owners of the websites and inform them about the services you are using. Tell them that you will be writing a review or a testimonial and you will need a backlink in return.

Final Word

This concludes our list of some of the smartest ways to earn high-quality backlinks. You need to remember that every technique requires a bit of effort and patience. Furthermore, working on one technique at a time is a wise approach rather than giving up as soon as you think it is complicated and cannot be done. When you are dealing with traffic on the internet, you have to think like an average user. Therefore, you will need to lay down a pattern that you are sure the users will follow.