Instagram vs TikTok for Business Promotion

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There has been a massive spurt of TikTok users in the past few years, making it today’s most popular social media platform. Upon the platform’s surge in popularity, its competitor, Instagram, released Instagram Reels, a new and similar video feature. The similarity between the two social platforms prompts the questions— “How are … Read more

Is Facebook still effective for promoting your business?

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Among all social networking sites or social media platforms, Facebook is the most popular and is mainly used by people worldwide because of its features. It makes it easier for people to connect with family and friends online. Although Mark Zuckerberg initially created it in 2004 for college students while he was … Read more

Types of Social media videos that gets people to respond

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Social media is taking the world by storm. Influencers have been hot topics and have become the inspiration of many. In fact, their job description has become the aspiration of many. These influencers are all over social media platforms: Facebook, Instagram, Tiktok, and YouTube. Of the four social media platforms mentioned, YouTube … Read more

What are Explainer Video Styles?

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An explainer video is a video that illustrates and usually involves a narration or voice-over. By using explainer videos, you can promote a product, a cause, a business, a business plan, and even a political view— the possibilities are endless. Since these types of videos highly engage the audience (in the short … Read more

What Type of Video Content Do People Want to Watch?

What Type of Video Content Do People Want to Watch?

Over the past years, lots and lots of consumers watch video content. As a result, social media platforms that produce video content have become a phenomenon. No one would have guessed just how important video-sharing media are going to be. Particularly in the age of mobile technology, lots of smartphone users discover … Read more

When Not to Use Stock Photos

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Website building requires select components that will impact your website’s objectives positively. Such feature of a website where this is particularly significant is photography. Stock images, indeed, are convenient for when you have no time or the cash to commission a photographer. Still, there are certain conditions when investing in custom photography … Read more

Why You Should Be Using Videos for Education

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It’s undeniable that digital videos have greatly influenced our day-to-day culture. Online video-sharing sites like Youtube, Metacafe, and Vimeo reached millions in monthly audience numbers. With videos becoming more popular, it’s only expected to have spread to the education system. The use of videos in learning and teaching serves to benefit students, … Read more

Best Social Media Platforms for Photographers

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Social media presents photographers with excellent opportunities to gain more exposure for their art, connect with fans and followers, push traffic to a blog or portfolio website, establish name recognition, and network with other photographers. Naturally, every social media platform has its pros and cons, and not every one of them is … Read more